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Top flooring choices for kids’ rooms from the Paso Robles flooring store

-Let’s face it, kids aren’t as design conscious as their parents and even though the final choice for flooring for the home is up to mom and dad, the kids basically want something they roll around on, play with the dog on and maybe even color or paint outside the lines. “There is a wide variety of flooring options for kid’s rooms.” says Dana Hauber, owner of Paso Robles’Frontier Floors and Window Coverings.

There’s a lot to be said for the comfort of carpet and rugs but that doesn’t mean that durable flooring that stands up to muddy shoes, spilled drinks, art projects and budding carpenters and scientists can’t also be attractive and budget-wise.

Just because materials are easy to clean and durable doesn’t mean the kids room floor can’t be attractive, too. Hardwoods, laminates, waterproof flooring, vinyl are all good options. Many laminates and waterproof flooring choices have the same attractive textures as hardwood and stone or tile. Vinyl is also another good choice. Hard flooring doesn’t stain and spills and accidents are easily cleaned up.

  • The warm richness and deep colors or fresh look of light-colored wood flooring adds beauty to any room. Should the young carpenter or artist in the family somehow damage the wood, it’s usually easily repaired. There are also choices of wood that are more durable than others.
  • Simulate the look of wood, granite or marble with durable and easy to clean cost-effective laminates.
  • Vinyl is also versatile, easy to maintain and an economic high-performance flooring.

While hard flooring is easy to clean and maintain where kids are concerned, this doesn’t mean there are not also good choices in carpets and rugs. In their favor, along with being highly attractive and adding color and texture to a room, carpets and rugs help reduce noise, provide insulation and soft, non-slip surfaces that can minimize bruises and “owies” from stumbles and  falls.

With a 3000 square foot showroom, there’s no shortage of choices available from the flooring store. Along with the variety of choices for flooring, carpet and rugs, the store features blinds and window coverings, design services that include taking accurate measurements, installations, free estimates and in home shopping when customers can look through samples in the comfort of their own home or office.

In the end, the final choice for the kids room is up to mom and dad. Quality flooring adds value to the family lifestyle, and doesn’t have to shock the budget. Whether the decision about the type of flooring for the kids room has already been made or seeking advice, the best guidance is going to come from the flooring store. Serving communities from San Luis Obispo to King City since 1977, Frontier Floors & Window Coverings owner Dana Hauber believes that personal and professional customer service and top-quality installation lead the list for creating a quality experience.