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Work with Paso Robles kitchen remodeling contractor for stress free remodeling

-Remodeling the kitchen, either residential or a restaurant, is probably one of the most disruptive remodeling projects because a kitchen is central to both family life and business success. Frank Cueva of Central Pacific Construction, one of the most successful contractors on California’s Central Coast has some advice to help families and business owners relax and be ready to enjoy their new kitchen when its finished and open for delicious meals again.

Both home and restaurant owners share some remodeling concerns, especially where the budget and timing are concerned. There are three important preparations before starting the remodel project:

  1. Have a solid budget with some financial cushion, even the best planning can’t anticipate unexpected problems such as damaged walls behind cabinets, or long-term undetected leaks.
  2. Have a design in mind, including preferences for appliances, fixtures, lighting, flooring and new paint colors, but also be flexible. Being open to experienced suggestions might save some money or deliver even better results than planned.
  3. Meet with the contractor as far ahead of the estimated start date as possible. Communicating with the contractor is a priority for a successful project and the Paso Robles kitchen remodeling team takes great pride in open and respectful communication with their clients.

Setting up a temporary kitchen can go along way towards reducing some of the stress and disorganized feeling. Families can think about scheduling the remodel during the time of year when outdoor cooking is a great alternative. A neighbor or relative might loan out their kitchen a couple days a week. Restaurant owners may want to consider renting a mobile kitchen or temporarily adjusting the menu to accommodate a downsized kitchen.

A kitchen remodel can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on the details and complexity of the project. Plan ahead for alternatives to minimize washing dishes and cookware. Disposable plates, cups and utensils are an alternative. Eating out more frequently is also an alternative depending on the family budget.

Everyone deserves to have their dream kitchen that is heart of the home or the restaurant. The Paso Robles kitchen remodeling contractor has a keen eye for detail and high professionalism that makes sure a new kitchen is ready as promised. The team appreciates challenges and enjoys working closely with the home or business owner.

Serving the Central Coast since 1997, Central Pacific Construction has an excellent reputation for top service, creative solutions and delivering completed projects on time, within budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

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