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Paso Robles Dentist Announces the Top Signs it’s Time to See the Dentist

-“Anytime, between regular appointments, that you notice a change to your teeth or gums, it’s time to see your dentist,” says the Paso Robles dentist, Lisa Lu Davis, DMD. Regular checkups are important but life happens and things change and sometimes a dentist visit is necessary regardless of when the next checkup is scheduled.

  • An injury to the mouth such as a fall, a sports injury, a traffic accident, or a broken or cracked tooth. Call right away. Injuries to the face can cause injuries that may not show up in the mouth until much later. An examination identifies those issues in time to take proper measures.
  • Something in the mouth hurts. Even pain or swelling in the face and neck, or an earache can be signs of a dental problem.
  • Swollen and bleeding gums mean something needs immediate attention.
  • Some medical conditions can affect oral health and it’s important to see your dentist more often. Make a dental appointment if you have developed a medical issue since your last appointment. A base-line examination provides dentist good information for the future.
  • A lot of dental work done in the past, such as fillings, crowns, implants or dentures may mean more frequent visits may want to see you more often to make sure everything is in good shape.
  • See your dentist if you start having trouble chewing or swallowing
  • A dry mouth, or smoking or drinking more alcohol than usual may mean a visit to the dentist.

The Paso Robles dentist recommends a dental appointment as soon as possible anytime there is pain, sores or spots in your mouth. Sores can be canker sores, cold sores, or something else. Smoking, chewing tobacco and heavy alcohol use can cause leukoplakia, a condition that involves white patches or spots on the inside of the mouth. Fungal infections can also appear in the mouth. Mouth sores can be the symptom of a disease or disorder, or an infection.

Illness, injury, a family matter, a new job, even pregnancy can cause us to cancel or reschedule our regular check-ups. It’s important to get back on track as soon as possible. Being pregnant certainly takes a lot of time and energy, but oral health is still important, and maybe even more so. Pregnancy can make some dental problems worse so stay on track. Keep brushing, flossing and rinsing and see your dentist regularly.

Dr. Lisa Lu Davis, DMD, the Paso Robles dentist, attended the University of California Santa Cruz and San Jose State University where she finished her undergraduate studies in Biology. She then traveled across the nation to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to attain her Dental Medicine Doctorate from Temple University in 1999. Dr. Davis received awards in radiology, treatment planning and restorative clinics and was honored with the Hahnemann award for her research in Sjogren Syndrome, a disease affecting the salivary glands.

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