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Nipomo family Dentist Releases The Report, ‘What To Look For In A Family Dentist’

The term “family dentist” actually refers to a dental office that serves all ages of patients, from infants to senior citizens. This being the case Dr. Douglas Ng, at the offices of Nipomo Family Dentist has recently released a report to help individuals and families know what to look for when deciding on the best dentist for their needs.

Family dentistry and general dentistry are sometimes interchangeable, but some dentists practice general dentistry but specialize in a specific group, such as adults, or the special dentistry needs of senior citizens or children. Specializing in children is known as pediatric dentistry.

Other types of dentistry include:

  • Orthodontists specialize in teeth and jaw alignment, using braces, retainers, clear aligners, and other devices.
  • Periodontists help treat and repair diseases and problems of the gums that are damaged by progressive gum disease.
  • Endodontists deal specifically with issues troubling the nerve of a tooth.
  • Oral pathologists and oral surgeons specialize in the treatment of oral diseases of the teeth and jaw. They are trained to perform surgery and may work closely with ear, nose, and throat specialists (ENTs).
  • Prosthodontists repair teeth and jawbones. They provide cosmetic dentistry or treatments to improve the appearance of teeth, such as teeth whitening and veneers. They also fit people with dentures, crowns and bridges.

A family dentist may include many of these specialties in his or her practice. When a patient is referred to a specialist, the family dentist works closely with the specialist to be sure the patient is receiving the best care. Follow-up care after a special procedure is often the job of the family dentist, so it is important to have a strong professional relationship with the specialist.

In addition to a broad range of skills and knowledge traits such as trustworthiness, professionalism, and flexibility are high on the list of desirable traits.

  • A broad range of services means special oral health needs get prompt attention rather than having to wait to fit into a specialist’s schedule. Even if a condition must be referred, a family dentist with a broad range of services is able to perform preparatory and follow-up procedures that are critical to a speedy recovery and ongoing oral health.
  • Professionalism is important for both the dentist and the staff. Is the staff pleasant and understanding? Is the office a comfortable place to wait for the appointment to start? Are there calm activities available for children? Does the appointment start on time? Are your questions about your oral health, insurance coverage and cost answered satisfactorily? Are the dentist’s credentials prominently displayed?
  • Is the dentist knowledgeable about the latest dental procedures, oral health issues and state-of-the-art equipment? If your dentist doesn’t perform the procedure in question can he or she explain it to you to your satisfaction? What kinds of ongoing training do the dentist and staff acquire? Do the dentist and staff have a full understanding of how to use the equipment in the office?
  • Do you trust your dentist and the staff? Do your children trust them? Do the dentist and staff hear you and take the time to discuss your concerns and dental care with you? Do they take the necessary time to calm and relax you or your child? Do you feel your dentist is as committed to your family’s lifetime dental health as you are?
  • Things happen and sometimes appointments need to change or you are late through no fault of your own. How easy is it to reschedule and appointment? Does the staff make a good effort to work with your schedule? How quickly can you get an appointment in an emergency? Is there an emergency, 24-hour number you can call?

Dr. Douglas Ng makes each patient a top priority by taking the time to answer all questions. Dr. Ng keeps abreast of the latest technologies and training for the benefit of their patients at Nipomo Family Dentistry.

Services at Nipomo Family Dentistry range from routine cleaning to cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening to advanced care. All ages, from children to senior citizens receive the best care and up-to-date procedures available from today’s dental science research.

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