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Atascadero Insurance Agent Releases The Report, ‘Top Benefits Of Renter’s Insurance’

Renter’s insurance is an important safety net for tenants, basically because the landlord’s insurance protects the landlord, not the renter. John Donovan, the insurance agent providing renters insurance in Atascadero, said, “Renter’s insurance protects you, your family and your property from loss and from liabilities when someone is injured at your home.”

Without renter’s insurance, the tenant stands the chance to lose personal property in the event of a fire at home and is vulnerable to being sued if a visitor falls in the home or the family dog takes a nip even in play.

Renter’s insurance provides valuable coverage in several ways, including:

  • Additional living expenses coverage if your home is uninhabitable after a disaster and you need to rent another home or stay in a hotel.
  • Medical expenses for injured guests, up to the limits of the policy. Accidents happen and even the best of friends are going to need their medical bills covered if they are injured while visiting.
  • Something your child breaks at the neighbor’s house, or something you accidentally drop and damage while visiting a friend can be covered by renter’s insurance. This coverage can also include items you have borrowed or rented, such as tools.
  • Theft or vandalism to your property caused by another.
  • Legal costs (up to the policy limits) if you are sued for an injury to someone else.
  • Most renters’ insurance covers dog bites if your dog bites someone either at home or somewhere else. Sometimes renter’s insurance limits coverage for dogs, so discuss your dog with your insurance agent.
  • Personal property loss away from home such as items stolen from your vehicle or a hotel room


People usually have more assets than they think and those are usually worth more than they think, too. Even the cost of replacing a basic wardrobe and furniture adds up very quickly, especially when it is all lost at once in a fire or flood. Even if a fire is caused by the landlord’s negligence, it can take a very long time to be reimbursed and taking legal action is often more costly than most people can afford.

In addition to renter’s insurance, everyone with valuable possessions, such as jewelry, family heirlooms or collectibles should consider an additional personal articles policy.

Donovan and his Atascadero insurance team are ready to answer questions about renter’s or business insurance, vehicle, life insurance or any other insurance need. A meeting with an agent can help you organize a list of what you need to insure and get the appropriate coverage to protect yourself and your family.

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