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Nipomo Dentist Releases The Report, ‘Benefits Of Laser Use In Dentistry’

The dentists at Nipomo Family Dentist offer laser technology to their patients as a less stressful method for a variety of dental procedures. Although lasers have been used in dentistry since the early 1990s, the technology is continually advancing and Dr. Douglas Ng has recently released a report about the benefits of laser use in dentistry to help patients know more about modern technology.

The use of laser technology in dentistry gives dentists one more tool to help their patients reduce anxiety and be more comfortable during certain procedures. The added precision for some laser procedures may also reduce the amount of time the patient spends in the chair. In some instances pain is minimal, reducing the need for anesthesia and bleeding and swelling is minimized. Lasers also help preserve more healthy tooth.

Lasers are being used to treat a variety of dental issues, including:

  • Removing tooth decay and preparing the surrounding enamel to receive the filling
  • Reshape gums that have been damaged by gum disease and remove bacteria during root canal procedures
  • Speed up in-office teeth whitening procedures
  • Removing small samples of tissue for a biopsy, remove oral lesions and relieve the pain of canker sores

How do dental lasers work?

Lasers deliver energy in the form of light, and some lasers also eject a stream of water. When used in surgical and dental procedures the laser acts as a surgical instrument by cutting or vaporizing tissue. During teeth-whitening the laser is a heat source that enhances the tooth-bleaching agents.

Lasers that include water combine water, air and laser technology. Since teeth are partially made up of water, just as the rest of the body. The entire body is 60-percent water. The “water laser” continuously sprays water and keeps the tooth hydrated, preventing heat, and works with the laser to remove decay and surrounding damaged tooth.

Reducing pain, anxiety and general discomfort

When a laser can be used instead of a numb mouth, screeching drill, and a puffy face, all-around comfort increases. The need for anesthetic is often reduced or eliminated and the aftermath of puffiness, pain and soreness is also reduced or eliminated.

The gentle application of laser technology means that some treatments that are traditionally performed over two or more appointments can often be completed in a single visit. The normal required healing time is reduced because pain and swelling from normal processes are eliminated.

A comforting option

Laser technology does not completely replace the quality dental care and procedures people come to expect from their dentist, but it is an option for many procedures. As laser use in dentistry has become more popular over the past couple of decades, and the technology advances, uses in dentistry will also advance.

Visit Nipomo Family Dentist to learn more about the specific laser technologies in use at their office, or call with your questions and to make an appointment.

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