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Tips for creating a water damage prevention plan from the Santa Maria water damage company

-Water damage can develop slowly, over time from undetected leaks or be the result of a catastrophic event such as a burst pipe or flooding event. Mark Powers of SERVPRO of Santa Maria, the water damage restoration specialists, has some tips to help businesses develop a water damage prevention plan.

Water damage is one of the largest risks to buildings, equipment and employee safety and can result in some of the largest costs to businesses. A report from The Hartford insurance company states “Water damage is one of the largest loss causes” to the commercial insurance industry. A formal water damage prevention plan can be critical to reducing the risk of lost business and expensive repairs.

The top areas to address in a water damage prevention plan include:

  • Plumbing leaks and burst pipes are some of the most common causes of water damage. Small leaks can go undetected for a long time without regular inspections, causing extensive water and mold damage. Ultimately, inspecting for and repairing plumbing leaks is the responsibility of the property owner, there’s no reason for a business to suffer loss due to infrequent inspections. It’s important to discuss the possibilities of water damage and the importance of regular inspections with the property owner. If the business owns the facilities, it’s important to have regular inspection and repair procedures.
  • Leaking roofs are also a common cause of water damage and the damage isn’t limited to the location of the leak. Water follows the path of least resistance and can drip, flow and leak into any type of absorbent material such as wood, insulation and drywall. By the time a leak begins dripping through the ceiling, the water may have traveled several feet and pooled in several places, causing extensive damage. Regular inspections of roofs and crawl spaces are important to identifying leaks as they happen. Repairing leaks as they are found prevents more damage. Good times to inspect the roof is far enough in advance of rain to make repairs and right after a storm. The Santa Maria water damage professionals can repair and restore damage from leaks, burst pipes, storms and flooding.
  • Storms aren’t the only cause of a leaking roof. An aging roof is subject to leaking as roofing material gets old, cracks, or has blown off in the wind. Depending on the style of roof and the materials , it can last from 15 to 30 years. Know the age expectancy of the roof and consider major repairs or replacement as it ages.

Entrance and exit safety are other concerns. Even though rain water blowing in through the door may not cause serious water damage, slipping and falling on a wet floor can cause injury. Installing the correct type of mats at entrances and exits can help prevent slipping. Maintaining the mats, keeping the floor dry and providing sufficient warning helps prevent injuries.

The Santa Maria water damage restoration team is ready 24/7 and 365 days a year to respond to any water damage situation. The highly trained and qualified team brings special equipment and supplies that remove and extract water then dry and humidify all effected areas. Everything is cleaned, repaired and restored. SERVPRO of Santa Maria works with insurance companies and even processes and monitors claims to help business owners focus on returning to business.

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