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Paso Robles solar company announces new website by Access Publishing

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-Paso Robles solar Company, Premium Power Systems, recently announced it has launched a new website, designed by Access Publishing. “We are excited about our new website and the platform it serves to showcase the many ways we can serve the community,” said Vice President Chris Austin.

Premium Power Systems (PPS) specializes in powering the future of California’s Central Coast communities with cutting-edge solar technology. As one of the most experienced and long standing names in eco-friendly green industry PPS has been providing solar systems and technologies since 2016, “We are proud to be a strategic part of the positive impact solar energy is making on the environment and the bottom line for business and home budgets.”

The company provides a full service range of solar services, including:

  • Full-service residential, commercial, agricultural and public works solar services for new installations and when it’s time to upgrade. The team has the experience and knowledge to install solar systems for a wide range of uses from rooftop, to pole supported and on or off-grid power.
  • Battery backup installation, which increases the reliability of any solar system. Extra power is stored in backup batteries and is available to keep the lights on, the office running and the music playing during those times the sun isn’t shining or the grid is down.
  • Generators are another important component for keeping the lights on during circumstances when normal power isn’t available. Storms, mudslides, and even traffic accidents that knock out power supplies are some of the most common examples of the times a generator comes in handy.

Along with full-service solar power solutions, the Paso Robles solar company installs and supports EV (electric vehicle) charging systems. The EV charging systems are becoming as necessary as kitchen appliances as more and more people, companies, and public agencies are purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles. It’s important to have 24/7 access to EV charging at home and on the job and other conveniently located charging stations. Not only is an EV charging station at home convenient, but it can also actually add value to the home.

California leads the nation in solar power and the Central Coast communities are strong contributors to the growth of solar energy. The team from Premium Power Systems continues to grow with the industry, providing a level of expertise and knowledge that helps solar users get the best return from their investment. Premium Power Systems powers the future by providing cutting-edge solar, battery, and EV charging in a cost-effective manner with impeccable quality. The Paso Robles solar company delivers is staffed with a team of professionals with knowledge, experience and a proven track record of successful projects and installations.

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