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Santa Maria Water Damage Company Releases ‘Strongest Traits of a Water Damage Restoration Company’

-Hope is one of the most important things for people to feel after their home or business is flooded or damaged by water in any other way. It’s important to find the right assistance to stimulate that hope after the water is under control and Mark Powers, owner of SERVPRO of Santa Maria, water damage specialist, has prepared a report to help people know the best traits of a water damage restoration company.

These important traits include:

  • Fast response: A serious leak or burst pipe strikes anytime of the day or night. Choose a company with a reputation for being fast to the scene and quick to start the cleanup and restoration processes.
  • Specialist in water, mold and fire damage: Whenever there’s a fire, water damage is part of the scenario. Hundreds to thousands of gallons of water, and sometimes other fire retardant material, is used to put out the fire. Water spreads quickly, mixes with soot, chemical substances that may have been in the building and with fire retardant chemicals and seeps into everything. Water also stimulates mold spores to grow. The technicians need to be trained and certified in a wide range of technologies, including: Fire and Smoke Restoration, Odor Control, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning and Water Damage Restoration. Make sure the company has all of the industrial-level equipment needed for removing water, soot, ash, and the odors. The water damage company serving Santa Maria has detailed information about east step of the restoration process on the website.
  • The ability and commitment to restore instead of replace: Not everything that is touched by water needs to be lost. With the appropriate training, equipment, and technologies a surprising number of items can be saved. The best water damage companies have restoration methods at their disposal that include everything from items that simply need to be thoroughly dried down to dry cleaning and deep cleaning needed to remove every trace of stain, mold and odors. There are specialized drying techniques for delicate items such as books, photographs and art. Restoration services include advice regarding items, such as appliances, electronics or other equipment that may have been damaged but need to be cleaned and restored by qualified electronics technicians.
  • Support from start to finish: So many emotions surface in the aftermath of any kind of damage to a home or business. Feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do first, the sadness upon discovering treasured items, dread about dealing with the insurance company all pile on top of the original shock. It’s important to work with a water damage company that provides support from the first phone call until the job is done. Support includes walking through the premises with the client as soon as it is safe and assessing both structural damage and personal property damage, creating a detailed inventory of damaged property, assistance with determining value of items, providing a detailed and accurate report and helping file the claim with the insurance company and monitoring the claim process.

When any emergency strikes, the damage can often feel overwhelming. The water damage company, SERVPRO of Santa Maria, understands how stressful and chaotic water damage can be. The company is locally owned and operated and has met the needs of the Central Coast community for repairing and restoring damage from fire, water and mold since the company was established. The company’s highly trained staff is available to respond quickly and professionally. SERVPRO works with their clients from the moment they receive the call until the job is done and the customer is satisfied.

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