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River Road Self Storage in Paso Robles Releases Tips To Reduce Downsizing Anxiety

Moving alone causes anxiety and adding in the need to downsize, to decide what stays and what goes just adds another layer of stress. River Road Self Storage in Paso Robles, CA has released some tips to help people through the emotions and decisions of downsizing.

The most obvious solution is to allow plenty of time to sort through possessions and decide what stays or goes. In reality, there is rarely “plenty of time.” A sudden move, clearing out a home after a beloved relative has passed, and everyday life all put pressure on decisions about downsizing. Tips to help include:

  • Rent a storage unit
  • Rent a dumpster
  • Downsize room by room
  • Schedule regular trips to the donation center

Rent a storage unit

Rent a storage unit and use it to store items you can’t make an immediate decision about.

Don’t second-guess yourself when adding items to the storage unit. These items are either things you know friends or other family members want important keepsakes or things you are not sure about keeping. You will be sorting through the storage unit later.

Regular trips to storage reduce clutter in the house and less mess means less anxiety. When everything else has been organized start sorting through the storage unit. Ask friends or relatives to join you.

The storage unit can also hold things you are keeping. Be sure to mark those items clearly before putting them in storage.

Storing sentimental and heirloom items until immediate matters are addressed helps soothe emotions that might be connected to family treasures. Calm decisions can be made in calmer times.

Rent a dumpster

Everything that is designated for the trash goes in trash bags and immediately into the dumpster when the bag (or box) is full. A dumpster prevents the mess from overflowing trashcans which only adds to the stress. Into the dumpster. Out of sight. Out of mind!

Downsize room by room

Clear and organize a room at a time. Before starting to assemble a marking pen, paper and tape, boxes and trash bags and your cell phone.

  • As you are sorting, add items to “keep,” “donate/yard sale,” “trash,” and “Storage/Gift” boxes and bags.
  • Clear closets or cabinets in the room first. Add each item to the appropriate pile. Add items you are unable to make an instant decision about to the “Storage/Gift” pile. These items are going to the storage unit.
  • When you come across something that a friend or relative might want, call or text them right away. Stick their name on the item.
  • As soon as a box or bag is full, put trash in the dumpster and the donation items in the car.
  • When a closet or cabinet is empty, put the “keep” items in there, close the door and mark the door as “Keep.”
  • Furniture can stay in place, but be sure to mark it.

Schedule regular trips to donation centers

Make a run to the donation center every few days. Again, removing those items as soon as possible reduces clutter and there is a calming sense of accomplishment that comes with creating empty space.
What about a yard sale?

A yard sale is a great way to pick up some extra cash but can also be just one more thing to do. It takes a lot of energy to price items and deal with the buyers. If a yard sale is a goal, keep it simple, advertise heavily, and price items to sell.

Decide what to do with leftovers ahead of time and plan accordingly.

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