Central Coast battery backup

Premium Power Systems releases ‘Understanding battery backup’ for Central Coast solar customers

central coast battery backup-Batteries store energy and that’s what solar batteries do; store energy from the sun during the day for use at a later time. Those later times can be at night, during power outages, or going completely off-grid if that’s a goal and the solar installation team from Premium Power Systems, Inc. (PPS), has prepared a report to help customers understand how battery backup works with solar systems.

Battery backup is useful for more than just keeping the lights on. In the event of a major power outage, the batteries can help keep the refrigerator and freezer running, provide power for cooking, power critical in-home medical equipment, charge cell phones, keep the heat or air conditioning on, and the family can still watch their favorite television programs. Battery backup is also valuable during rotating outages and the Flex Alerts that California has been experiencing during the recent heat wave.

A common question the solar installers from PPS often hear about Central Coast battery backup is, “How do solar batteries work?”

  • Solar panels collect direct current electricity (DC) from the sun. That electricity needs to be converted to alternating current (AC) to be used for homes or businesses. An inverter takes care of converting DC to AC and routing the current into the home or business electrical system.
  • When the solar system has a battery backup system, a device called a solar charge controller stores DC energy from the panels and routes that energy to the inverter. Another job of the charge controller is to prevent electricity from flowing from the battery back to the solar panels. This is called “battery drain” and can happen when the solar panels are not capturing energy.
  • Some very effective solar systems use “hybrid inverters” with the charge controller integrated into the inverter. These inverters detect power drops from the grid and pull necessary power from the battery and also use electricity from the grid to charge the battery when necessary

Other questions about Central Coast solar battery backup include:

  • Does every solar system need batteries? Grid-tied systems don’t need backup batteries, but the user is relying 100% on the grid to be operating at all times.
  • How many batteries will I need? The batteries depend on how much electricity is needed to power an electrical system 24/7 every day. The staff from PPS is highly knowledgeable and experienced and can help customers calculate electricity use.
  • What kind of batteries do solar systems use? Solar batteries are specialized batteries that are designed steadily supply electricity. These types of batteries come in different voltages that can be combined to deliver optimum and steady power supply. The experts from PPS can help you evaluate your energy needs and recommend the batteries that deliver the best performance.

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