Arroyo Grande solar company

Arroyo Grande solar company provides electric vehicle charging stations for the Central Coast

-In September 2022 the United States Transportation Department (DOT) announced the approval of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that will span 75,000 miles across all 50 states, including Washington DC and Puerto Rico. “This is a very big step into the future of green energy,” said Chris Austin, Executive Vice President of Premium Power Systems, Inc., (PPS) the Arroyo Grande solar company.

Premium Power Systems specializes in residential and commercial solar and EV charging station installation.  and PPS is powering the future by providing cutting-edge solar, battery, and EV charging cost-effectively with impeccable quality. “This recent announcement from the transportation department is good news for the United States, California and the Central Coast,” said Austin. “It’s a perfect fit for our company’s green energy commitment.”

All 50 states along with Washington DC and Puerto Rico have been approved to apply for funds to build a network of EV charging stations along “designated alternative fuel corridors on the national highway system.” More than $1.5 billion has been dedicated to this national project. The project is part of the $5 billion that was allocated to states in the bipartisan infrastructure bill to fund EV chargers over five years.

“We have approved plans for all 50 States, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia to help ensure that Americans in every part of the country be positioned to unlock the savings and benefits of electric vehicles,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Transportation remains the largest source of greenhouse emissions even though sales of EVs are rising. The lack of charging stations has been identified as a major barrier to more families, businesses and public agencies switching to EVs. The 75,000-mile EV charging corridor is the first step to building a national network of 500,000 EV charging stations by 2030. The White House allocation of $135 billion toward EV development and the EV purchase tax credits are expected to boost access and incentives to buy EVs.

The Arroyo Grande solar company is ready to help install private EV charging stations in homes and businesses. Serving the Central Coast since 2016, the full-service company serves residential, commercial, and agriculture to reduce the carbon footprint and the high cost of electricity.

Electrical vehicle charging systems are as necessary as kitchen appliances as more and more people, companies, and public agencies are transitioning to electric and hybrid vehicles. Public EV charging stations are becoming more and more plentiful as public agencies and certain types of businesses realize it’s important to provide places for travelers to charge up.

It’s also important to have 24/7 access to EV charging at home and on the job, places where you don’t have to burn up energy driving to and from charging stations. Not only is an EV charging station at home convenient, but it can also actually add value to your home.

The Arroyo Grande solar company can install the standard Level 1 chargers that come with electric vehicles or the more powerful Level 2 chargers that require a dedicated 240-volt circuit that needs to be installed by a qualified electrician. Premium Power Systems is the one-stop-shop for both solar and EV charging installation, helping Central Coast communities power the future.

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