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Paso Robles Propane Company Reports Reasons Propane Delivery Is an Essential Service

-As businesses begin to reopen during the COVID-19 crisis, the demand for propane deliveries is going to change accordingly. Brent Wingett, co-owner of Central Coast Propane in Paso Robles, CA said, “On one hand, homes may see a decrease in use as people start returning to work, but businesses may find themselves needing more propane as they ramp up.”

Regular, pre-scheduled deliveries are one of the key components for keeping propane tanks full for most occasions in most cases. With scheduled deliveries, customers’ propane tanks rarely run out. It does happen though from time to time with customers who schedule their own deliveries. Even though propane companies, including Central Coast Propane, make every effort to respond in a timely manner when tanks run empty emergencies are usually handled in the order the call is received. “Call now if it looks like you need a delivery before opening your doors,” said Wingett.

One of the first things to do when preparing to reopen business is to check the propane supply.

  • Check all tanks, including portable tanks for propane powered equipment.
  • Inspect propane powered vehicles that has been unused for the past few months. Make any necessary repairs.
  • If your business is not on a regular delivery schedule, or you stopped delivery while closed, make the call to start delivery as soon as possible.

Once business has reopened, keep an eye on propane levels. An increase in operations in the first months of reopening might mean more propane usage than normal.

Propane is an essential fuel and propane delivery during the COVID-19 crisis is an essential service. The Paso Robles propane company is continuing to support propane customers through both scheduled deliveries and emergency deliveries.

To protect everyone’s health, Central Coast Propane has implemented social distancing practices:

  • Delivery drivers maintain a safe, at least 6-foot distance from all customers and ask that customers do the same.
  • If a technician needs to enter a building or a home, he may ask if you are sick, diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been traveling or exposed to someone who has tested positive.
  • To make a payment please either call our office, pay on-line or drop your payments in an envelope in the mail box by our front door. Call the office for help getting set up for online payments.

Central Coast Propane is a locally owned company serving California’s Central Coast since 1992. Serving residences and businesses from Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties, Central Coast Propane provides:

  • Bulk gas delivery
  • Monthly metered gas service
  • Propane tank and underground gas line installation
  • Propane and propane autogas fuel and dispensing equipment for forklift fleets and the entire range of new propane-powered vehicles
  • Weed flaming
  • Agricultural services for wineries, irrigation, frost protection and more.

Service is just a phone call away.

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