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Atascadero Insurance Agent, John Donovan, Releases The Top Insurance Tips For Growing Families

– With all of the responsibilities and prioritizing that come with raising an active family, insurance sometimes keeps getting shuffled down the list of things to do. John Donovan, a State Farm Insurance Agent in Atascadero, CA has some tips to help growing families understand how to get the best insurance coverage for their needs.

Here are some events that mean it’s time to evaluate insurance needs:

  • Starting your family
  • Insuring home and business
  • Insuring vehicles

One of the first things a young couple wants to do is meet with their insurance agent to evaluate insurance needs, which includes life insurance, homeowners or renters insurance, and vehicle coverage.

Starting your family

Life insurance has a very significant role for everyone and especially for young families. The right policy protects your family in many ways including replacing income if one of the providers dies. Expenses that can be covered in the tragic event of a parent’s death include covering everyday living expenses such as mortgage or rent, auto loan payments, credit card payments and even funeral expenses.

Life insurance can be provided for each member of the family including children as they join the family. The benefits of life insurance on children can include investments in the future such as college.

Any change in the family is time for an insurance coverage evaluation.

Insuring home and business

Homeowners and renters insurance are critical for protecting personal property. Homeowners insurance protects the homeowner, personal property, and the home and other structures on the property. Renters insurance protects the renter and personal property.

The rental property owner’s insurance rarely provides any protections for renters. If your rented home burns down, the owner is covered for the loss of the building, but unless you have renters insurance, your personal property is not covered.

A very important part of both homeowners and renters insurance is liability insurance that protects you in case someone is injured on your property.

There are various types of insurance to help provide business continuity and income in the event of a death or disability.

Insuring vehicles

California law requires that vehicles be insured, but that minimum coverage may not be enough to protect a young family. There are many things to consider, especially as a family grows and begins to accumulate assets, they should evaluate their insurance coverage on a regular basis to ensure it matches their exposures.

Evaluating your needs

Periodic insurance evaluations are the best way to be sure your family is adequately protected at each stage. The first stage is when the family unit is first created, whether through marriage or as a domestic partnership. This is the time to discuss future plans with your insurance agent.

John Donovan, State Farm Insurance Agent in Atascadero is always ready to meet with young couples to discuss their insurance needs. Anytime there is a change in family life, such as the birth of a child, moving, purchasing a new home or vehicle, even a promotion or increase in salary, is the time to evaluate insurance coverage.

“My team and I value the opportunity to work for people who want to secure their well-being and protect and preserve their assets,” said Donovan. His office focuses on building long-term relationships based on understanding and meeting client needs and by actively supporting the local community through a variety of activities. “Together with my teammates, Sara Holloway, Nikole Strohl, Faith Rice and Amy Summers, we have more than 35 years of combined insurance experience,” said Donovan.

A Central Coast resident since 1990, Donovan is an active member of the Atascadero Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, serving as Chairman in 2018; President of the Atascadero Rotary Club from 2012-2013 and has been Chairman of the Rotary Club’s Scholarship Committee since 2016. He is a founding member of the SLO County Bicycle Coalition, a youth basketball coach, and for fun, Donovan is an Abraham Lincoln impersonator.

Donovan and his team at the 8420 El Camino Real office in Atascadero are ready to answer questions about home or business insurance, vehicle, life, property insurance or any other insurance need.

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