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As some parts of the country are beginning to return to a more normal way of life, people’s thoughts are turning to the postponed events, the upcoming weddings, family reunions, or corporate events. It’s never too early to get plans in order and to reserve tents, supplies and furnishings and All About Events tent rentals in Paso Robles, CA is the company with the best advice for getting organized. The COVID-19 crisis has forced many wedding and event venues to close and as they begin to reopen, rescheduling is going to be at the top of their resuming business lists. This means that people who had to completely cancel and event, postpone an event, or who have been waiting for venues to open to make plans are going to be scrambling for reservations. Considering event tents as an option creates more venue choices. A tent or more can be set up in a variety of open spaces that are often overlooked. Tents open up possibilities to a range of outdoor venues from the backyard to vineyards, public parks and corporate campuses. When tents are rented from an event supplier like Paso Robles’ All About Events, the event planner also has access to all the furnishings, food service, lighting and more. All About Events even has portable dance floors and mobile suites. The key to being ready to mail out invitations as soon as possible is planning. It’s not too early to start calling venues to see what they expect to have available. Be sure to ask if they offer outdoor options. Call public parks to find out what is available. Other venues that may be able to accommodate outdoor events and tents include church grounds, wineries and vineyards, event centers, private farms and ranches, and of course, your own backyard. Tents come in various sizes and shapes, with or without sides, and can include lights for after dark and even climate control for cooler fall evenings. While everyone hopes that the weather is perfect for their outdoor celebration birthday celebration, that hope isn’t always a reality. Planning in advance for unexpected weather can mean renting a tent. Instead of having the event ruined or worrying about a bad forecast, there should be a plan in place in case of bad weather. This could be anything from getting a larger tent to ensure everyone can fit in, or people can also opt for a tent with sidewalls so if the weather gets nasty, the walls can simply be brought down to minimize the disruption. The Paso Robles tent rental company All About Events has a wide variety of rental inventory. Their staff is extremely professional and hardworking, and the company has the goal of making every event amazing. All About Events is a full-service event and tent rental company providing everything needed for a successful event. Check out the “2020 Look Book” on their website to see what us available for an event staged by All About Events. All About Events 2212 Golden Hill Rd, Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 239-7777

–Summer and fall are the times friends and families get together to enjoy the good food, good times, and celebrations. Even in warmer weather outdoor preparations can go along way towards making sure everyone has a good time and All About Events, San Luis Obispo’s award-winning wedding rental company, has some important tips for success.

One of the top considerations for warm-weather parties, along with the guest list, activities, and entertainment, is protection from heat and sun. Guests, especially young children, elders, and anyone with even temporary health issues can enjoy themselves much better with someplace shaded and cool to escape to. Food, even when the event is catered, needs to be kept out of the sun and at safe temperatures.

Even when the party or wedding is in the backyard, or at a venue that provides both inside and outside seating, it’s important for guests to be outside joining the festivities instead of sheltering inside and missing out. When planning the event, add the following tips to the list of things to do:

  • A food tent
  • Relaxing and dining tents

Food tents

Whether the event is a potluck or a catered buffet, when the food is served inside, people who might be physically uncomfortable outside in the sun and warmer weather tend to isolate themselves by finding a cool spot inside to eat.

Adding a tent dedicated to food service and keeping food out of the hot sun helps keep guests where the party is happening. Especially when there are other sheltered areas such as smaller tents or umbrellas where guests can enjoy their food and each others company.

Relaxing and dining tents

Every good host and hostess knows that guest comfort is a priority. Outdoor shelters, such as tents and umbrellas in a variety of sizes are the perfect portable shelters. Even guests with mobility issues can relax, enjoy their food, watch the activities, chat with friends and family and easily meet new people.

Finding the right tents

Tents come in square shapes and rectangle shapes, with or without sides, and can include lights for after dark and even climate control for cooler fall evenings.
The best way to choose the best tent or tents is to:

  • Prepare the guest list so you know about how many to expect. This tells you how many square feet of sitting space you need.
  • How is food being served? Buffet or a seated meal? Buffets are more informal and can encourage people to move around and socialize more. A seated meal means tents can do double duty for added shelter from the weather once the meal is done.
  • Decide the best circulation pattern for people to move around from the buffet line to seating
  • Decide the best circulation pattern for guests moving from the buffet line to tables. This helps you decide where to place tents or umbrellas.

Consult the experts

Companies like All About Events that specialize in event and wedding rentals not only have the tents and umbrellas you need, they also have all of the other supplies and furnishings you might need, such as extra tables and chairs, even table service, catering supplies, and more.

When your initial planning is done, give All About Events a call and schedule an appointment to go over your plans. All About Events has a full showroom and an experienced staff that has coordinated events of all sizes.

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