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Your garage vs. a storage unit—top reasons why the storage unit wins

-It’s easy to haul that box of Grandma’s knick-knacks out to the garage and stash it under the old dining room table for temporary storage. But, before that box gets relocated or the table refinished, they are joined by more boxes, some chairs, kids outgrown bikes and scooters and who knows what else and the garage becomes an obstacle course. The team from Mars Mega Storage, the Paso Robles self-storage facility, has solutions that leave the garage tidy with plenty of room for the family vehicles.

Renting a self-storage unit can be a better option than cluttering up the garage for various reasons, including:

  1. Keeping the garage clear for the family vehicles.
  2. Parking vehicles in the garage preserves the paint, protects the interior from sun damage and malicious mischief and reduces the risk of auto theft.
  3. Keeping the garage free for the combined uses of vehicle parking and perhaps a laundry room, shop, or art studio.
  4. Properly storing items in a storage unit reduces the risk of loss due to breakage, water damage, mold, or damage from pests.
  5. Storage facilities often have robust security measures in place, including surveillance cameras, gated access, and on-site staff, which can be more secure than the family garage.
  6. Storage units at the Paso Robles self-storage facility come in various sizes, offering more space than the typical garage for storing items like furniture, seasonal decorations, and recreational equipment.
  7. For businesses, a storage unit is a much better location for preserving and storing inventory, equipment, or documents.
  8. Delicate or valuable items like artwork, electronics, or antiques are better protected from potential damage in a professionally managed storage unit.
  9. Being able to use the garage without squeezing between boxes and tripping over clutter is much safer than risking a sprained ankle or broken bone.
  10. Knowing that your items are safe and organized in a storage unit can reduce stress and provide peace of mind.

Mars Mega Storage offers easy access to storage units, exceptional staff and excellent amenities. With state-of-the-art pest control and security that includes an on-site manager, 17-foot high perimeter walls, 365 days coded gate access, infrared cameras and laser beams, and extensive and high visibility security lighting, Mars Mega Storage is the premiere self-storage Paso Robles option.

Choose from a range of storage options, including small and large units, boat storage, commercial storage, household items, car storage, and more. With mini storage units that have tall ceilings to maximize storage space, insulation, interior lighting, and extra smooth roll-up doors for easy access, Mars Mega Storage offers the best amenities to keep your items safe and secure.

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