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‘Why paint doesn’t kill mold,’ a report from the Cayucos water damage experts

-Mold is a living fungus that eats through all kinds of material and can cause stains on a variety of surfaces and painting over mold might temporarily hide it, but won’t kill it. “Mold continues to grow in the material under the paint,” said Heather Skelton, from SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City, “and it is critical to remove all the sources that are contributing to the growth of mold.”

Paint that is formulated to stop surface mold does not stop mold from spreading into the structure. The most effective method for eliminating mold is to find the source of the water that is creating the environment for mold to flourish and eliminate that source.

Along with the mold being unsightly the moist conditions that allow the mold to grow can cause expensive structural damage. When mold appears on walls, floors, under cabinets, in bathrooms or laundry rooms, or anywhere, it’s a sign that those areas are holding moisture. The moisture can come from a small persistent leak, a roof that leaked during rain, standing water under the building, or any other number of reasons.

The most effective way to prevent mold from growing is to first stop the water damage by locating the source. Specialists like the Cayucos water damage specialists can locate the source and:

  • Dry out the wet and moldy areas.
  • Remove all of the materials that are damaged by mold and water and properly dispose of them
  • Repair the damage

Mold and water can stain walls, floors, and everything else that they come into contact with. Damage happens when water soaks into wood, masonry and fabric such as carpets, upholstery and clothing. Spores are released by the lightest touch, even from someone brushing against a mold infected spot or running a fan to cool down a room. Walking over damp surfaces spreads mold spores, even within the 24 to 48 hours before mold starts to become visible. There is also the danger of water and moisture damaging electrical wiring and creating a fire hazard.

The Cayucos water damage specialists have the equipment, experience and advanced training to safely remove mold damage. The team focuses on removing the source of the mold and then isolates the affected area using the latest technologies and water damage remediation techniques.

SERVPRO of Morro Bay / King City is locally owned and operated, so we are part of this community too. The team takes pride in being part of the Central Coast community and is proud to serve the communities of: Morro Bay, Paso Robles, Cayucos, Atascadero, Templeton, King City and Lake Nacimiento.