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Top tips for retail store remodeling from the Paso Robles general contractor

-From getting better use of the space to a newly leased or purchased space, retail business owners have many reasons for remodeling a store. It’s important to think through the final floor plan before starting, and Frank Cueva, owner of Central Pacific Construction has some tips to help.

Whether the business owner is looking to upgrade aesthetic appeal, improve functionality, or enhance the customer experience, there are crucial factors to consider before diving into the renovation process. Remodeling both residential and commercial spaces, Central Pacific Construction has been serving California’s Central Coast since 1997. Drawing on this experience, Cueva is sharing the top considerations to keep in mind when planning to remodel a retail store.

  • What are your goals?—Clearly define the goals for investing in a remodel. Keep in mind that goals overlap. Remodeling to improve customer flow also relates to merchandise placement, register stations, and lighting. Identifying the goals helps visualize the big picture for the finished job. With all the years of construction and remodeling experience, the Paso Robles general contractor is always happy to bring his team’s skills to help shape the plans and make them a reality.
  • Who is the remodel for?—Ultimately, an improved customer experience is the goal. It’s also important to consider how remodeling will improve employee performance, and delivery and maintenance services. Knowing customer shopping habits helps identify merchandise locations and displays. The right lighting is a safety and comfort feature and can also be a productivity feature for employees.
  • Improving layout and traffic flow—The layout of the store can significantly impact the overall shopping experience. Aim for an intuitive and efficient flow that guides customers through the space. Pay attention to factors such as aisle width, product placement, and checkout locations to minimize congestion and maximize accessibility.
  • Lighting and ambiance—Lighting sets the mood, highlights your merchandise, and is a safety feature. Well-lit spaces, including entryways, help prevent accidents like trips and falls. A combination of natural and artificial lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere. Installing light dimmers, for example, helps control the lighting to reduce glare or shadowed areas.
  • Integrating technology—Upgraded technology can streamline operations and create a better customer and employee experience. Content and productive employees make content and satisfied customers! Updated technology can include anything from point-of-sale systems and inventory management to digital signage and interactive displays.
  • Brand identity—Remodeling is a good time to update brand identity. A new business can take advantage of a newly remodeled store to establish the brand. An established business can incorporate upgraded branding into a new layout. Color schemes and signage are among the elements that enhance branding.
  • Plan for the future—Remodeling also needs to consider future growth and be designed with that in mind. Using walls for merchandise display is always smart, but what about floor displays? Rather than all permanent, consider some moveable racks and tables. Also, think about storage space and how it can be expanded in the future if needed.

Remodeling for efficiency and a positive visual impact are important for the customer experience. But, there are also remodeling considerations the customer never sees such as planning the budget and making sure the remodel plans fit with local regulations. The Paso Robles general contractor serves all of San Luis Obispo County. With long-term professional relationships with building departments, inspectors, architects, and suppliers. Central Pacific Construction helps make sure the project meets all of the required codes and regulations and is completed within budget.

The team is known for taking pride in professionalism, a strong work ethic, and attention to detail. Their dedication to keeping open communications with the client is one of the reasons the company has earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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