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‘Top reasons to custom build a tiny house,’ a new report from the Paso Robles contractor

-As Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) gain popularity, largely due to state and local regulators relaxing zoning and building codes, an entirely new industry has opened up around the country. “Tiny house” manufacturers have gained a headwind with the relaxed regulations, but before committing to buy a prefabricated tiny home, Frank Cueva of Central Pacific Construction encourages homeowners to think about the pros and cons between buying and custom building.

There are some things to be said in favor of buying a prefabricated tiny house:

  • Most manufacturers provide a choice of floorplans and home styles
  • Purchase often includes delivery and construction

So, there is some versatility and construction seems like a hurdle cleared in advance, except who does all the preparation and hookups?

  • Who submits the plan for permits and waivers from the city or county building departments?
  • Who is responsible for arranging for electricity, sewer and water hookups?
  • What if the building plans, as submitted, require changes?

And, just as important, what if the chosen floorplan is more of a compromise instead of what is really needed?

The advantages of working with a building contractor, especially one with experience with the local permitting processes like the Paso Robles contractor, include:

  • Familiarity with the local permitting processes and can make sure the plans will meet code
  • A general contractor coordinates all of the necessary hookups and inspections
  • The tiny house can be designed exactly to your specifications
  • A local contractor can make design recommendations to save money and increase the efficiency of the tiny house

Sometimes buying a prefabricated tiny house works just fine, but when there is a specific purpose for adding an ADU to the backyard, more customization is probably going to be in order.

  • Is the ADU being installed with the intent to rent it for extra income. Some jurisdictions don’t allow ADUs to be rented or to be used as vacation/weekend rentals. Adding an extra room to the main house might be a better option.
  • Is it for an extra guest room for visiting friends and family? In this case, the contractor will most likely be able to suggest cost-saving design adjustments.
  • Is it going to be home for mom and dad? There may be mobility and safety issues to consider. Perhaps even accessibility issues such as wheelchair ramps and an ADA-compliant bathroom.

Custom designing and building the tiny house makes sure it will serve its intended purpose and meet the needs of the new occupants.

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