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Tips for choosing the best flooring from the Paso Robles carpet experts

It’s time for new flooring, but which kind of flooring is best? The Paso Robles carpet and flooring experts from Frontier Floors and Window Coverings have some tips to help people choose the best type of flooring for what they need, want and can afford.

Homeowners have all kinds of reasons for installing new flooring. Selling a home, buying a new home, remodeling, repurposing a room, the old flooring is damaged or worn out, or it’s just time to give the home a facelift; are all reasons people decide to freshen up their floors.

The top consideration for choosing the best type of flooring is to think about what kind of activities the floor is going to be exposed to. For example, rooms such as laundry rooms, mud rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and the now-empty bedroom being converted to an art studio may be best served by flooring that can stand up to moisture, extra tracked in debris, spills and stains.

Other considerations include:

  • Are there pets in the house and is cleaning up after pets going to be challenging?
  • Are there small children in the house that need easy-to-clean floors that are still soft enough to cushion tumbling toddlers?
  • Does any member of the household have mobility issues?
  • Is maintenance an issue? Jobs, travel, hobbies and a busy life can mean there is less time for vacuuming, sweeping and other floor maintenance chores.
  • Are all of the floors being redone or just selected rooms?
  • What is the square footage of each room?
  • Is there a preferred color scheme or style of décor?
  • What is the budget? Budget limitations don’t mean that beautiful and functional flooring isn’t available.

Whether installing new flooring throughout the entire home or only in certain rooms, the knowledgeable staff at the carpet and flooring showroom can provide excellent guidance.

There are so many choices for hard flooring such as tile, wood, vinyl and laminate.  and for different styles and types of carpeting and rugs that there is something for every taste and budget. Choices from leading manufacturers include:

  • Recycled and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Carpets and rugs with the latest in soil and stain protection yarns by Anso and materials and materials including polyester, wool and sisal, in cut pile, frieze, loop pile, and patterns.
  • Carpets and area rugs to add layers of versatility and texture to spaces of all sizes.
  • Hardwoods in traditional to contemporary finishes in common and exotic woods.
  • Laminates and water-resistant floors simulating the look of wood, marble, or granite with a durable finish and easy installation that are a cost-effective alternative with a great sense of style.
  • Cork showcases a rich, natural pigment and is long-wearing and sound absorbent.
  • Vinyl is economic, easy to maintain choice and high-performance flooring in a range of patterns and colors.

From touching up a room to completely new flooring, the carpet and floor experts are ready to help. Serving Paso Robles and surrounding communities since 1977, Frontier Floors & Window Coverings carries the leading brands of carpets, rugs and flooring for beautifully designed and installed new floors for every taste and budget. The full suite of services includes:

  • Top brands from leading flooring manufacturers.
  • Help with choosing the best flooring for your home, business and budget.
  • Professional installation or DIY.
  • Help with design questions, measurements, quantities, delivery and installation.
  • In-home shopping services. A consultant brings carpet and floor samples to your home.