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Thousand Oaks insurance company releases fire safety tips

-This year has been another year of tragic losses to wildfires and Cary Runnells, State Farm Insurance Agent in Thousand Oaks, CA is prepared to help the agency’s customers with their claims and coverage benefits. Everyone’s safety is important and preventing injury and loss is a concern.

Safety comes first. It is critical to follow public safety notices and evacuation notices. “When an evacuation warning is issued, get your family to safety at once,” said Runnells.

Wildfire prevention methods are essential to ensure wildlands, and those who live in and around them are safe. Here are ways that you can be proactive:

Preventing wildfire in the first place is the first line of defense:

  • Call 911 and report unattended fires and smoke, including campfires, roadside fires, fires anyplace. Report smoke or the smell of smoke. Flames are not always visible from a distance, but smoke can be seen even while fire is just starting.
  • The past few years have seen record wildfires in California. To be safe, avoid using campfires, fire pits, or other forms of open flame. Never leave a fire unattended.
  • Clear away fallen branches, dead branches, dry weeds, and other debris and keep up to 100 feet around home and buildings clear. Check with local fire officials for the safe distance for your area.
  • If you are grilling in your patio, never leave the grill unattended and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • If you smoke, dispose of your cigarettes safely. Don’t throw them out the car window. The safest way to dispose of a cigarette, cigar, or dispose of ashes from a pipe is to shred the cigarette and place the shredded material in a fire safe container. Knock pipe ashes into a fire safe container and make sure they are out.
  • Use caution with flammable liquids such as propane cannisters for grills.
  • Know your local ordinances for trash burning and mowing and weed whacking.
  • Avoid the use of fireworks during fire season.
  • Have a fire preparedness plan
  • Create an escape plan for your home or business and rehearse it on a regular schedule.
  • Make a preparedness kit that includes important paperwork and phone numbers, cell phone chargers, a meeting location, water, emergency food supply, a first aid kit, collars, leashes and travel cages for pets.
  • Organize a neighborhood fire preparedness plan. Contact your local fire department for assistance.
  • Keep the family vehicles full of fuel in the event of an evacuation order.

The Thousand Oaks team at Cary Runnells State Farm Insurance Agency wish safety and wellbeing for everyone. The team is available 24/7 to assist and serves Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Oak Park, Newbury Park, Agoura Hills, Moorpark, Simi Valley and Camarillo. The team can meet all of your auto insurance, life insurance, home insurance and life insurance needs.