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Space-saving tips for storage units from Paso Robles’ Mars Mega Storage

-These days, everyone wants the best bang for their buck and this includes getting the most from a storage unit in terms of both the size of the unit and the rent. The management team from Paso Robles’ Mars Mega Storage recently released the top tips for making the best use of a storage unit.

It is important to know what size of storage unit is going to hold everything, but there’s much more to making the best use of the space than filling the unit and closing the door:

  • Are stored items going to be rotated in and out of the unit?
  • What items are going to be rotated?
  • How often will the unit be visited?
  • Are fragile items being stored?
  • Are large items like furniture being stored?

The reason for renting a storage unit is also something to consider. People rent storage units for a variety of reasons other than a safe place to store belongings during a move. Business owners use storage units for extra inventory, materials, tools and equipment and for storing tax and business records. Homeowners often rent storage units when they are remodeling as a place to keep furniture and belongings out of the way of the construction crew. People rent storage units to reduce the clutter at home and in the garage, when downsizing to temporarily store items being handed down to friends and family and for many other reasons.

Regardless of the reasons for renting a storage unit, it’s important to get the most benefit from the size of the unit. There are a few ways to make sure that everything fits and can be reached and retrieved if necessary.

  • Storing vertically, lighter items on top of heavier items is one way to get more into a unit and open up floor space. The Paso Robles storage management team cautions that when stacking, be sure to not stack so high there is a danger of boxes falling.
  • Use shelves for holding boxes and loose items. It may be possible to build sturdy shelves as long as they are not attached to the storage unit walls. The right shelves make it possible to safely stack items higher and free up floor space. Shelves can also be a safe option for storing boxes of fragile items.
  • Disassemble large furniture or use stable furniture such as tables and chests of drawers as firm bases for holding lighter items.
  • Store loose items and small boxes inside empty drawers and cabinets. Label the drawers and cabinets with a list of the contents.
  • Minimize the use of very large packing boxes. The larger the box, the more floor space it uses.
  • Use blue rubber totes with plenty of packing materials so heavier totes can bear the weight of anything stacked on top without collapsing.
  • Use boxes of the same dimensions as much as possible.

Make a map of what is stored where in the unit. Regardless of the intent to rent only for a few months someone invariably discovers they need to get into their storage unit for something. It’s much more convenient to know where the winter coats are when that home remodeling job runs into November!

Mars Mega Storage provides residential and commercial storage, self-storage, indoor and covered storage, boat and RV storage. Units start from 5 x 5 feet, 5 x 10 feet and 10 x 15 feet to indoor units as large as 14 x 50 feet or 22 x 50 feet. Covered storage comes in several sizes to provide excellent protection for boats, RVs and other vehicles.

The Paso Robles storage facility is highly secure and safe. State-of-the-art security includes an on-site manager, 17 ft high steel perimeter walls, 365 days coded gate access, infrared cameras, laser beams, extensive security lighting, high visibility lighting, fire hydrants on site and fire and burglar alarms in each unit.

Use the free storage calculator to figure out the best-size storage unit for your needs.

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