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Solvang insurance agent reports why farm and ranch insurance might be the best choice

-Farmers and ranchers need broader and more flexible coverage than just homeowner insurance. Even though nearly every farmer and rancher make their homes on their property, the needs associated with living and working in rural regions are unique and Rick Torres, with Solvang’s RW Torres Insurance Agency, has summarized how farm and ranch insurance meet these needs.

A top benefit is that coverage can be tailored for owners and for those who are leasing their farm or ranch land. The protection covers crops, livestock, farming equipment, crop processing equipment, barns, storage sheds, stables, and most other types of structures. Liability coverage is an important benefit in the event that someone is injured while on the property.

Another aspect of farm and ranch insurance is that 4-H or FFA families involved in youth livestock programs can benefit from the best type of coverage. Regular homeowners or renters policies rarely provide liability coverage for livestock and even the pet goat or the kid’s pony is considered livestock. The right coverage can protect the family from liability if a visiting child falls off the pony and is injured.

Rick Torres, the Solvang insurance agent, reports that the protections provided by farm and ranch insurance include:

  • Coverage for legal liability up to the limits of the policy for bodily injury or property damage for claims that are covered in the policy.
  • Coverage for medical expenses for covered claims up to the limits of the policy for guests or others on your property with your permission.
  • Insurance for personal property when you live on the property.
  • Coverage for farm machinery, crops, livestock, tools, and more that are used in the operation.
  • Insures farm buildings and structures.

Additionally, State Farm Insurance offers policies for circumstances resulting in losses due to damage to farm equipment on roads or livestock that gets onto the road. One or both of the following policies are available, depending on the operation:

  • The commercial liability umbrella pays defense costs and judgments from covered claims of professional negligence, error, or omission.
  • A personal liability umbrella is additional insurance for covered claims resulting from defamation of character, libel, or slander.

The jobs of farming and ranching are hard work and in spite of the sunup to past sunset hours and labor, people who choose the agricultural lifestyle are passionate about their roles in this vital industry. California is home to more than 77,000 farms and ranches of all sizes and all types. “Having the right insurance is essential to protect these livelihoods,” says the Solvang insurance agent. Broad and flexible coverage meets the unique needs of the various and different types of farms and ranches.

At the RW Torres Insurance agency, the team takes pride in serving Solvang, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Los Olivos and the entire Central Coast. Rick Torres was born and raised on California’s Central Coast and, along with his team, is committed to the best quality of lifestyle for everyone who lives and works in every community.

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