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San Luis Obispo solar company reports on the future of solar in California

-California continues to lead the nation in solar power, creating jobs, protecting the environment and improving lives with the transition to green power. Premium Power Systems, serving the solar installation needs of San Luis Obispo County since 2016 recently released a report about the future of solar energy for California in 2022 and moving forward.

Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) released its online Solar State by State report in June 2022 summarizing critical statistics about solar growth in California through Q1 2022:

  • Still leading the nation, California has installed 35,950.14 megawatts, enough to power 9,153,089 homes.
  • The solar industry has invested over $78 million in California and created 75,712 solar jobs.
  • Prices have dropped 50% in the past 10 years.
  • Solar provides 25.29% of California’s electricity.
  • Number of installations is 1,500,495.
  • Projections are that solar will grow by more than 17,477 over the next five years.

Communities in San Luis Obispo County are also contributing to the growth of solar energy. Several public agencies have installed solar systems to reduce energy costs. Businesses, wineries, farms, ranches and other agriculture operations are relying more and more on solar energy to improve their bottom-lines and homeowners are installing solar at increasing rates reducing the energy use and cost for powering their homes.

The Economic Vitality Corporation (EVC) of San Luis Obispo County has an active initiative to reduce energy costs and respond to the State of California’s goal that “50% of universal scale energy production be from renewable sources by 2030.”

Premium Power Systems, providing solar services for San Luis Obispo County, is proud to be part of the strategic solar initiative that supports commercial, residential and public agencies. Solar energy is making a positive impact on the environment and on the bottom line for business, home and public budgets.

Solar installation is more than installing panels on a rooftop. The versatility that comes with the ability to choose rooftop systems, pole-supported systems, or on-grid, off-grid or hybrid systems supports every kind of installation from agricultural operations to those who choose to not rely 100% on the grid. Systems can be designed to rely on battery back-up and generators to increase reliability and further decrease energy costs.

Full-service residential and commercial solar services include a free estimate and free solar design whether for a new solar system or upgrading an existing system. Effectively installed solar systems by the San Luis Obispo solar company are designed to easily scale as power needs grow.

The company’s green initiative includes installing EV (electrical vehicle) charging stations. As more and more local residents and business and community leaders are purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles charging systems are become as necessary as kitchen appliances at home and computers at the office.

The team from Premium Power Systems continues to grow with the industry, providing a level of expertise and knowledge that helps solar users get the best return from their investment. The team strengths reside in innovation, staying current with technological advances, providing state-of-the-art solar energy systems, electric vehicle charging systems, and solar systems with battery storage for home and commercial use.

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