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San Luis Obispo electrical contractor announces preventative maintenance for commercial panels and switchgear

-Because of their technical reliability, switchgear systems are often an overlooked component of power control systems; failure in the panels and switchgear can bring down an entire operation resulting in costly troubleshooting, repairs and loss of productivity. San Luis Obispo’s Electricraft, Inc., recently announced inspection and preventative maintenance services for keeping commercial panels and switchgear in top operating condition.

“Adding regular inspections of panels and switchgear to standard inspection procedures is essential to prevent serious problems down the road,” says Jacob Treder, vice president and chief financial officer at Electricraft.

Inspections are part of the process when performing regularly scheduled maintenance. Inspecting every element of the system is the most reliable way to find and repair potential problems. “There is rarely one-size-fits-all maintenance protocol, says Treder. “Inspection and maintenance procedures need to be designed to support the operations of the business.” It takes a high-level of skill based in training and an extensive breadth of experience to design and implement a successful maintenance protocol.

A successful inspection and maintenance program needs to take several factors into consideration, such as the roles of dust, moisture and room temperature:

  • Dust and moisture can create a layer of debris leading to overheating. Humidity and the associated moisture can cause components to deteriorate.
  • The influence of room temperature on sensitive equipment is frequently overlooked. Troublesome changes in temperature of control panels and thermostats may be attributed to the ambient temperature near the equipment.
  • Vibration is another factor that can cause dysfunction is the system.

The San Luis Obispo electrical contractors have been designing and maintaining numerous industrial, commercial and public works electrical systems since 1984. The training and certifications held by the members of the Electricraft team position the company as an electrical contracting leader in the region.

Dependable and thorough, the inspections and maintenance conducted by Electricraft include:

  • Thermal Imaging surveys to help quickly detect heat, loose connections, corrosion, short-circuits, overloads and more.
  • Manual inspections for correct function of power meters, lamps and indicators, locking devices, control wiring, relays, power supply units, timers, signs of external and internal damage and corrosion
  • Maintenance includes thoroughly cleaning and vacuuming exterior and interior of switchboards and all components, repairs and replacements as needed and thorough testing.

The San Luis Obispo electrical contractors provide detailed reports of each inspection and maintenance on the system including Switchboards, Panel Boards, Transformers, Motor Control Centers and all other distribution equipment.

At the end of each inspection and maintenance visit all managers and corporate executives charged with oversight of the electrical system will have a thorough understanding of its operating status.

Trust the professionals at Electricraft, Inc. to provide unparalleled service for all aspects of commercial building electrical needs, from the beginning stages of new construction to maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, upgrades and improvements.

Electricraft, Inc. commercial services include:

  • Expert project design including drawings, permits
  • New construction
  • Indoor/outdoor installation and repairs
  • Store warehouse, display and parking lot lighting
  • Power for registers, computers, tools and appliances, equipment, computer rooms, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), bakery, restaurant and all other specialty equipment
  • Title 24 lighting upgrades
  • Datacom Fiber Optic and Copper cabling

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