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Paso Robles Tent Rental Company Announces The Top Five Decorating Tips For Event Tents

–Whether the tent is for a wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, small backyard party, or a business event the decorations help set the tone for the event. The Paso Robles tent rental company, All About Events, has pooled the creative ideas the staff has used over the years to help turn the tents rented by clients into special and festive venues for all kinds of events.

Events can range from whimsical to elegant and there are decorating tips that help set the mood. Even business events need a bit of festivity to keep participants interested. Decorating need not be complicated. In fact, the simpler the approach is, the more the theme is supported. To start, approach decorating with these five categories in mind:

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Nature
  • Lighting
  • Layers


The first thing to consider when using color is setting a color scheme based on the favorite colors of the guest of honor. Next, choose contrasting colors and complementary colors. Well placed contrasting colors, used sparingly can add zest to an event, especially when that color shows up in engaging patterns. Something as simple as bright blue napkins with a table color scheme of ivory and lavender can be enough to add visual interest to table settings. Other ways to add color include balloons, draping fabric and tablecloths, painted backdrops, and flowers.


Mixing textures add depth to the decor and to table settings. Ways to mix textures include using flower vases with raised designs instead of plain glass, mixing different shapes and sizes of balloons, draping coarser woven fabric over a sleeker fabric, mixing different textures of paper decorations, combining balloons with paper lanterns, or using rustic farm style tables without table cloths.


Bringing nature into the tent can add a special feeling. Flowers are part of nature, but there are other aspects of nature that enhance any get together. Use potted plants on the tables instead of flowers. Add branches, with or without leaves in strategic spots. Leafless branches can be decorated with lights or a coat of paint. Smaller branches can enhance table arrangements, or even be the table arrangements. Instead of flowers on the tables, use cut herbs such as basil, sages, or cilantro to add a pleasant fragrance. Perhaps there is a local nursery that rents boxed trees. Consider renting a clear top tent and just enjoy the surrounding nature and the star-filled sky at night.


Lighting sets the mood and there are several options for lighting up tents when a power source is available. Strings of solar lights are an inexpensive way to add subtle lighting, as are regular string lights. Both solar and traditional string lights come in colors as well.


Layers are actually easy to add to a tent. Add an arbor inside, or drape fabric, balloons, or paper decorations at various heights throughout. A trend that is gaining popularity for weddings is to hang flowers or greenery from the top of the tent.

Choosing furnishings, table settings, and accessories

A single-source event rental company like All About Events supplies everything from the forks to the tent, including dance floors and bandstands. Years of experience supplying and helping plan all kinds of events give the All About Events team unique insight into what makes events successful.

When choosing a tent rental company, be sure to select one that has a complete catalog plus experience. One-stop-planning is much more convenient, headache-free, and usually less expensive than working with multiple suppliers.

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