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Paso Robles Storage Company Releases Top Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit

–People associate renting a storage unit with moving but there are a many other times when a storage unit comes in handy. Rick Runnells, owner of River Road Mini Storage in Paso Robles, has released a report about the top reasons a storage unit can come in handy.

The top reasons, aside from moving, include:

  • Remodeling
  • Clearing out the old family home
  • Uncluttering
  • Safely storing heirlooms, collectibles and important files
  • Starting a home-based business
  • Storing business inventory


Even though the final results of remodeling a home or business might be a long-held dream, the process can be nerve-wracking. Renting a storage unit to hold furniture and other items reduces clutter and keeps things safe while walls are being moved, counters and cabinets replaced, or new flooring being installed. Even if only one room is being remodeled, a storage unit reduces the clutter that comes with attempting to fit furniture and items from one room into other parts of the house. Plus, packing up the contents of closets and cabinets is an opportunity to find lost items and get rid of things that haven’t been used in years.

Clearing out the old family home

Renting a storage unit to help sort through possessions during the emotional process of going through a beloved relatives home after they have passed on, or even helping parents clean out the family home when they are downsizing for retirement. The process is much less stressful knowing there is a place to store favorite things that have a lot of memories until there is a better time to make decisions.


When it’s no longer safe to open a closet door without ducking it’s time to rent a storage unit. Follow this easy system to clean out drawers, cabinets, closets, even under the beds and the garage. Items to throw away go in trash bags. Items to be donated or saved for a yard sale go in boxes that are marked accordingly. Items to keep or sort decide about later go in boxes marked for the storage unit. Even yard sale items can be temporarily stored until all the organizing is finished.

Safely storing heirlooms, collectibles and important files

A storage unit is a safe place to store Grandma’s wingback chairs until the time comes to reupholster them. Other items that can be safely stored include important files like tax records, an art collection that has outgrown the space available for displaying it. Family heirlooms and collectibles that are not used in the home but need to be preserved.

Starting a home-based business

Every business needs space, even home-based businesses. You need an office and a place to store business essentials while the business takes off. Many people start a small business at home only to discover that within a short time, they need more space but the business isn’t financially ready to rent it’s own shop. A storage unit provides critical options for a growing business. Create more space in a room by moving extra furniture into storage. Create a temporary office in the garage by storing items that are in the way. Keep expensive tools and materials in a secure storage unit where they can be safe and organized for easy access.

Storing business inventory

When onsite storage is a hurdle for any business, renting a storage unit is the answer. A storage unit allows a small business to carry the full inventory of materials, merchandise and supplies that are necessary to serve its customers. Merchandise and supplies can be ordered in cost-savings quantities and those savings passed along to customers. Inventory can be rotated rather than sold at a loss to because of lack of storage space. Merchandise earmarked for clearance can be stored, inventoried, priced at the storage unit then brought back to the store for display. Critical materials, parts and tools can be purchased in sufficient quantities. In short, adequate storage helps turn the wheels of business and storage units are an excellent way to have enough storage without the cost of moving to a new facility.

Everyone needs extra storage

According to the Self Storage Association, 67-percent of self-storage renters live in single-family homes with a garage and 33-percent of these also have a basement. The majority of self-storage customers rent long-term, with 52-percent renting for a year or more.

Regardless of the reasons for needing extra storage, the important things to consider are:

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Unit size and price
  • Experience

River Road Mini Storage in Paso Robles is a secure, fenced and lighted facility with controlled gate access, convenient hours and location, and a selection of reasonably priced storage units for any need. The business has been a local fixture since 1984 and under current ownership since 2004. Runnells and the staff provide a high-level of customer service to assist customers with their storage needs.

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