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Paso Robles Storage Company Releases ‘Pros and Cons of Sharing Storage with a Friend’

-So many people are tightening budgets these days and renting a storage unit with a friend can certainly save both partners some money. It’s important to plan ahead to avoid the pitfalls that can come with entering a financial arrangement with a friend and the management at Paso Robles Mars Mega Storage has recently released a report to help people preserve their friendship while sharing a storage unit.

There are many reasons for renting a storage unit. Moving to a smaller home, remodeling a home, being temporarily between housing, long term traveling, or needing space to store inventory, tools or other items associated with a business are some of the top reasons. Sharing the cost of a storage unit certainly opens up options for keeping important possessions or business related property in a larger storage unit that might not otherwise fit within the budget. A large unit usually means the stored items are easier to get to, which is important for businesses. Mars Mega Storage, in Paso Robles, providing commercial, residential, boat and RV storage, has released a report to help friends avoid some of the pitfalls of sharing a storage unit.

  • A convenient location for both parties is important. Easy access in and out of the facility and the storage unit is also an important convenience. State-of-the-art security that allows 24/7 coded gate access is also a highly desirable feature. The better the security the safer for both people visiting their storage units and for property in the storage units.
  • Trust—it’s important to share any financial arrangement with trustworthy friends. One of the reasons for renting a storage unit is be keep possession safe. The parties sharing the unit must respect one another’s property and portion of the space. Be sure your storage partner is going to honor the facility’s rules and not share the gate code with other people or bring others into the storage unit.
  • Who pays? More friendships end over money than just about any other reason. Even though you may have a personal agreement with your storage partner to share the expense, the management expects the bill to be paid on time and is not going to divide the rental fee. Failure to pay the rent in full and on time can result losing your property. Even though storage facilities accommodate online payment, the best way to guarantee payment is made on time is to set up automatic payments using a bank account or credit card.
  • What happens if your partner wants to move out? Are you prepared to pay for the storage unit yourself? You may be able to move into a smaller unit for less rent. Be sure to have a financial cushion that can see you through unexpected decisions made by your partner.
  • Make a plan and written agreement is the best way to make sure both partners know what is expected and how finances and events such as moving out ahead of schedule is going to be handled. Consider insurance for your possessions. Most homeowner or renter policies cover personal items in storage or look in to a separate policy. Who is going to be responsible for payment and how and when is that partner going to be compensated? A written agreement between the partners prevents misunderstandings.

Mars Mega, located with easy access from Highway 101 in Paso Robles, offers units and amenities for commercial storage, residential, self-storage and boat and RV storage since 2009. The facility is secured by state-of-the-art security cameras and technologies, has outdoor and indoor storage for boats and RVs, with easy paved access to every storage unit.

Amenities include a conference room, complimentary snacks, bathrooms and showers, wash station, dump station, air compressor and 24 hour onsite management. The grounds are well lighted and accessed by a 24/7 gate code. Unit size ranges from 5×5 foot self-storage units up to 80’ long units.

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