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Paso Robles self storage company summarizes insurance options for personal property

-It’s important to insure property in storage for the same reasons that it’s important to have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance; things can go wrong. Insurance protects property owners against loss and liability and most storage facilities require their customers to carry insurance and Rick Runnels, owner of River Road Mini Storage in Paso Robles has prepared a report about the insurance options available for storage unit renters.

Homeowner’s/Renter’s insurance

Most homeowner’s or renter’s insurance companies cover personal items that are in storage. Check with your insurance agent before packing and moving personal items into storage. Ask about:

  • Coverage limits.
  • Causes of loss, such as a box falling and the contents breaking or being damaged.
  • Liability if a friend is injured while visiting your storage unit.
  • What if you or a member of your family is injured?
  • The kinds of events that are covered such as fire, earthquake or flooding.
  • Damage to property caused by other materials you may be storing. It’s advisable to not store hazardous materials, even household cleaning materials that might spill and cause damage.
  • Expensive items such as art or collections.

If you are moving and between addresses, check with your insurance agent to make sure your policy will remain in effect. If not, ask for recommendations for storage insurance.

Have as much information as possible about the facility you will be renting from. The security features at that facility might make a difference in rates. A facility like the Paso Robles self storage company that has leading-edge security lowers your risk and may result in better insurance rates.

Storage unit insurance

For those who don’t have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, storage unit insurance is available from a number of sources, including most storage facilities. Storage facilities often work works with specific insurance companies.

It’s a good idea to check with the storage facility ahead of time to find out what the rates and coverages are. Ask:

  • For the name of the insurance company.
  • What amounts are covered for which rates .
  • What items are covered? Most household items and tools are covered, but what about valuable antiques or art?
  • What kinds of loss or damage are covered?
  • Are natural disasters covered?
  • What are the liability protections?

Which is best?

If you are already paying for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, stick with you insurance company. Your insurance agent can recommend supplemental coverage for items that may not be fully covered by your regular policy and for natural disasters that also may not be fully covered. Remember that any additional premiums are only temporary until you move into the new address.

Do some comparison shopping for storage unit insurance coverage and for supplemental insurance to cover special circumstances.

Everyone’s needs are different. The best policy is going to be the one that is affordable and provides the most protection for that affordability.

The staff at the Paso Robles self storage company are happy to answer as many questions as possible about insurance options but the final decision is yours. Everyone is encouraged to rely on the advice of their own insurance agents for the most reliable information.

The storage experts at River Road Mini Storage are dedicated to making the needs of their customers a top priority.

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