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Paso Robles Self Storage Company Reports ‘How to Store Household Items’

-Household items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, dishes, kitchenware and personal items are among the most common items people place in storage. How these items are stored is important to keeping them safe and in good condition and the self storage experts from Paso Robles River Road Mini Storage have prepared a report to help people store these items.

Reasons for renting self storage include moving, downsizing, temporary reasons such as a major remodel to a home, renting the home so you can take a long travel adventure and storing family heirlooms after the loss of older family members. Regardless of the reason, how items are stored is important to preserve them in the best condition possible.

The following tips help make sure commonly stored items are safe:


  • Use pallets underneath to provide for air circulation
  • Have upholstery professionally cleaned before storing and apply a protective coating of polish to wood and metal furniture.
  • Use moving blankets, bubble wrap, or some other form of cushioning to prevent scratches and dings
  • If possible, disassemble tables
  • Once in place, use dresser drawers as “boxes” for smaller items and be sure to note what is in the drawers
  • Remove light bulbs and shades from lamps, store the shades and small lamps (well wrapped) in sturdy boxes
  • Protect mirrors and glass on cabinets by using a masking tape “X” on glass surfaces and protecting the surfaces with sturdy cardboard
  • Place sofas, chairs, dressers right side up, the way you would have them in your home, to avoid damage.


Store computers, radios, television sets and other electronics in study storage boxes and carefully wrap those items before placing in the box. Keep cords and other accessories in the box with the correct item. Fill the empty spaces in the boxes with packing material to minimize the chance of damage.


  • Thoroughly clean and dry appliances then store them upright against a wall. Leave the doors and lids slightly open to prevent mold and musty odors
  • Drain any water from hoses, tanks, or tubing to help avoid mildew and mold
  • Cushion and wrap fragile parts and cover appliances with a breathable cover

Discuss appliance storage needs with the storage facility management. The self storage professionals at Paso Robles River Road Mini Storage can help you calculate the space you’ll need.

Dishes, kitchenware and personal items

Use sturdy boxes and don’t over pack. Just because items like bed linens seem light, it’s important that boxes be as uniform in size as possible so they stack safely. Use packing material to fill in empty spaces in the boxes. Mark write the contents on the boxes and seal them with packing tape.

Use the correct packing materials

Sturdy boxes and the best packing materials are important for protecting stored items. Most packing materials can be purchased from the storage facility if you are unable to find what you need elsewhere.

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