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Paso Robles Self-Storage Company Releases Tips for Saving Family Heirlooms

-Sometimes family members are not in a position to accept a family heirloom that is coming their way. River Road Mini Storage, the Paso Robles self-storage company has prepared some tips to help families plan and get the most from self-storage when the time comes to pass along family treasures.
Parents or grandparents start thinking about passing along heirlooms when they start planning to downsize and move to a smaller, more convenient home. The other circumstance leading to heirlooms being passed along is when a family member dies and it is time to clear out the home.

While the first scenario represents opening a new chapter in life, the second, the death of a loved-one can be a deeply sad situation that no one wants to deal with right away. In either scenario, the answer to storing heirlooms with great sentimental or monetary value can be a self-storage unit.

When parents are ready to retire and move to a smaller house, their adult children may be starting out in life and not settled enough to have a place for treasured heirlooms like great grandma’s 150 year old bureau, art work, or even jewelry. Even when adult children or other heirs are settled-down they may need time to make room for large inherited pieces. Heirs living out of the area may need time to arrange  pickup or delivery. Renting a self-storage unit is a good temporary solution.

A self-storage unit provides a safe and secure place to store family treasures until the new, permanent homes are ready. With a little planning and organizing, items intended for several heirs can be stored in a fashion that makes them easy to be retrieved when the time comes.

Tips from the Paso Robles self-storage company that can make the most of a storage unit include:

  • Choose a unit size that allows for easy access.
  • Make a list of the items that are being stored, who is getting them, and the approximate date the items are being picked up. Use a spreadsheet so the information can be sorted by name, date, or even item.
  • Label the items with the name of the person they are going to and the date of pick up.
  • Organize items by the date they are being picked up.
  • Determine what kind of protection each item will need in storage. For example, art work should be stored in boxes or crates designated for paintings and sculpture. Mirrors and other fragile items need to be packed in a manner to minimize the change of breakage. Sturdy boxes and protective packing material may be required for other items. Get the correct moving blankets for furniture to prevent scratches and chips.
  • Designate a specific, easily accessible area of the storage unit for fragile items.
  • When you are ready to move items into storage, load the moving van with the items to be retrieved first (by date) in the back of the truck and those to be retrieved last in the front. This way, those to be retrieved last are unloaded first and placed in the back of the unit. Those to be retrieved first are easy to access in the front of the unit. Load and unload by date and name so that everything for one person is in the same place. This system reduces moving items in and out and spending time searching through the unit.
  • Leave a copy of the sorted spreadsheet in an easy to find place in the unit. Give everyone involved a copy of their section of the list.

River Road Mini Storage, in Paso Robles has been serving the storage needs of the community since 1986. The secure facility provides:

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