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Paso Robles propane company reports the benefits of cooking with propane

-Cooks say one of the secrets to perfectly cooked food is temperature control. Propane offers the ability to precisely control the cooking flame and the heat that is just not available with an electric stove. The team from Wildhorse Propane & Appliances, serving the propane needs of Paso Robles, takes a look at some of the top reasons home and professional chefs prefer cooking over a flame.

Not to imply that those who cook on electric stoves are not good cooks. Many serve up delicious meals from the top of an electric stove. Still, there is something about being able to control the flame on a propane stove that gets the simmer just right for all the herbs and seasonings to do their flavoring jobs.

Along with the environmental benefits from propane which include reducing CO2 emissions by up to 30% and utility costs are lower.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster heat. The propane flame comes on instantly and is ready to start cooking.
  • The flame is easy to control, delivering the precise flame and cooking temperature needed for the dish being prepared.
  • Instantly turns off when done, unlike an electric stove where the heat lingers while it cools down. The ability to leave the pot in place on the stove eliminates worry about food overcooking and potential fires due to forgetting to move the pot to a cool surface.

The Paso Robles propane service reports that another exciting thing about cooking with propane is the selection of appliances. Stoves, stove tops and ovens are all available for propane.

The propane-powered infrared cooking technology is moving up fast in the grilling world and the kitchen as well. The technology works by propane heating ceramic tiles that radiate infrared heat into the food. Food cooks faster and the technology allows chefs to cook more different kinds of food in the kitchen instead of outside on a grill.

Propane-powered infrared technology is also available in ovens, grills and griddles. Serve every meal from breakfast to dinner from propane power.

Not only does Wildhorse Propane & Appliances deliver propane tanks and propane to Paso Robles and throughout the tri-county area, but propane appliances are also available from the King City showroom. All of the leading brands are available. The King City showroom is the place to shop when seeking to furnish a propane-powered kitchen, laundry room and choose a water heater.

Wildhorse is a family business that has been providing propane and propane services since 1980. The team takes pride in fast service, regular monitoring and scheduled deliveries. The company delivers to homes, farms, and businesses of all kinds and provides fuel and fueling services for RV tanks, forklifts, propane-powered vehicles and agricultural and industrial equipment.

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