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Paso Robles Plumber Announces Speedy Inspections Using Sewer Inspection Cameras

-Problems with septic systems, leach fields, pipes and the septic tank used to be troublesome to solve and repair, requiring the tank to be uncovered and pumped, pipes to be “snaked” to find blockages and underground leaks to be located. Sky Sepulveda the Paso Robles plumber from Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains recently announced speedy troubleshooting and inspections with sewer pipe inspection cameras.

“A sewer pipe inspection camera is fiber optic, about the size of a cell phone and attaches to a long flexible metal cable that we feed into the opening,” said Sepulveda. The camera is manipulated remotely as the cable unwinds and pushes the camera deeper through the sewer lines. Lights on the camera light up the area as it proceeds and the cable is connected to a display allowing the technician to see everything in the camera’s view.

Camera inspection avoids having to dig up the lawn or tear up floors to locate a problem. All that’s needed is an opening into the sewer system from which to feed the camera. Roots and other blockages are easily located as are cracks and other damage to the pipes or the septic tank. Once a problem is identified and located:

  • Tree roots and other blockages can be blasted out by hydro-jetting, using a long flexible water hose with powerful water jets that clears sludge, debris and can cut through tree roots.
  • Leaks and fractures can be repaired by inserting special curing substance.
  • Larger breaks may require pipe-bursting technology, a trenchless process of inserting a flexible pipe into the damaged pipe and feeding the new pipe through the older pipe. In this case, there is a minor amount of digging needed to expose the target area of the old pipe to start the feed. The Paso Robles plumber makes sure that small area is back-filled and cleaned up before leaving the job.

The camera dramatically shortens the entire inspection process from a day or so to just a few hours. Advanced repair technologies such as pipe-bursting reduce the repair process and mess to much less time than the old methods. Reducing time means inspection and repairs are easier on the budget.

Sepulveda has a local reputation for being fair to his clients. “We’re constantly alert to new advances in the plumbing industry,” said the Paso Robles plumber. “Staying on the cutting edge keeps us efficient and saves time and money for our clients.”

Quality 1st Plumbing and Drains services include: leak repair and detection, re-piping, drain cleaning, troubleshooting, water heater installation, septic services, general plumbing repairs and installations and more. The company offers free estimates.

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