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Paso Robles’ Mars Mega Storage answers the question ‘What is the best storage for my boat?’

-If there is a single thing that is important for storing a boat it is to keep the boat dry and protected from sun, heat and storm damage. Keeping a boat dry might seem contradictory to the purpose of a boat, but the management from the Paso Robles boat storage facility, Mars Mega Storage, know why it’s important and provide both indoor and outdoor covered storage for boats and RVs.

Storing a boat outside without a protective roof overhead means several extra steps must be taken to prevent damage from the sun, storms, rodents and other animals that may be looking for a home.

  • Not only is a cover necessary, a properly fitted cover is important. Rain pooling on a cover or tarp can collapse, letting water into parts of the boat that can be damaged such as electronic systems, paneling, appliances, cushions and upholstery.
  • Strong storm winds can blow covers loose, allowing rain into the boat and possible damage from branches and other debris.
  • Mold starts growing within 24-48 hours and can also cause damage.
  • The sun’s UV rays and heat can also damage boats that are stored uncovered.
  • Mice, rats, racoons and a variety of other animals will move right into an unattended boat and slip in under a secured cover or tarp. Mice and rats eat the insulation off of wiring and, along with racoons, like to shred cushions and upholstery for nesting. Rodent urine and droppings stain and stink and the odor is very difficult to get rid of. The droppings can carry harmful pathogens that cause disease in humans.
  • Boats stored in backyards, driveways and other unsecured spaces are targets for vandals.

The best and easiest way to store and protect a boat is in a dedicated covered or enclosed space. Most boat owners don’t have the space or facilities at home to properly keep their boats safe from the weather and invading critters. The garage isn’t always big enough and storing the boat in the garage means leaving the family vehicles in the driveway or street. Some residential communities have rules prohibiting boats and RVs being parked on the street for more than a few hours. Some of these communities also have rules against parking vehicles on the street.

There are many benefits to choosing a professional boat storage facility such as the Paso Robles boat storage at Mars Mega Storage. Those reasons include:

  • A choice of covered or indoor storage units that are spacious, provide easy in and out access and protect your boat or RV from rain, storms, and UV damage from the sun.
  • Fully-equipped wash stations and dump stations for easy and faster clean up after a trip.
  • Security that protects against theft and vandalism.
  • No conflict with neighbors or community rules and less opportunity for rodents to move in.

Even when there is space at home the benefits of a secure and professionally operated storage facility guarantees the safety of your boat.

  • Mars Mega Storage is the place to keep your boat dry, protected from weather, theft, complaining neighbors and malicious mischief.
  • Covered storage ranges in size from 12 x 30 feet all the way up to 50 feet long. Indoor storage ranges from 25 to 60 feet long with wide doors.
  • Along with a fully-equipped wash station, compressor and dump station, Mars Mega Storage has a conference room stocked with complimentary snacks and other amenities for relaxing after a long day on the road. Online bill pay rounds out the conveniences.
  • The Paso Robles boat storage facility has an onsite manager 24×7 and state of the art security that includes 17 ft high steel perimeter walls, 24/7 coded gate access, infrared cameras and laser beams, extensive security lighting, high visibility lighting, fire hydrants on site and fire and burglar alarms in each unit.
  • All of the units are designed with paved easy in and out access.

Another important feature of Mars Mega Storage is easy highway access. Located about four miles from Highway 101, a major freeway connecting to adventures near and far, just hook up your boat and head out! No driving through neighborhoods and winding around city streets to get to the highway. The facility also offers RV storage and there is a luxury RV resort right next door.

Mars Mega Storage
101 Wellsona Road
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