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Paso Robles Commercial Storage Facility Reports ‘Why Location is Important’

-Easy access to a storage facility and ease of getting into the storage unit once on the property are two highly desirable features when choosing a storage facility. Easy access is especially valuable for maneuvering trucks, moving vans and storing large items like RVs and boats and the Paso Robles Mars Mega Storage, located with easy freeway access has recently released a report about the importance of location and access.

  • Location is important because it’s important that storage tenants are able to get to the facility quickly, without a lot of traffic, stop lights, pedestrians and cross-traffic that causes annoying delays. Time is valuable and a trip to storage need not be an expedition.
  • Ease of driving up to the security gate on a comfortably wide driveway, without worrying about parked vehicles and cross traffic makes access to the gate faster. A personal access code to a highly secure gate anytime of day or night is another feature that gives storage tenants peace of mind.
  • Wide paved driveways that offer angled entry and exit to and from storage units means tenants can drive right up to their units without hinderance. When it’s time to leave, exiting is just as easy.

Access business tenants means large storage units that can be entered at one end and exited at the other, such as those available at Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles. Meeting commercial storage conveniences can include roll-up doors, electricity and lights for loading, unloading and storing equipment, tools and business inventory quickly and in an orderly fashion.

Location becomes an added benefit for storage tenants on busy schedules who need frequent access to storage. A variety of businesses need frequent access to storage as do those storing personal items.

People who store boats and RVs rate location near a main highway very high. Getting on the road early and quickly to start a long-awaited vacation or weekend camping or boating adventure makes the trip much more enjoyable. Reducing nerve-wracking traffic delays means the vacation starts as soon as the wheels hit the pavement! Returning at the end of the trip and easily parking the RV or boat in its storage space leaves more time for relaxing.

Mars Mega Storage, serving needs in Paso Robles for personal and commercial storage, boats and RVs, is conveniently located with easy access to and from Highway 101, a few miles north of Paso Robles. Even though the address is 101 Wellsona Road in Paso Robles, the storage facility is actually located just .2 miles off of the highway, after turning onto Wellsona Road. Once at the modern and highly secure facility, a personal secure gate code opens the gate and the drive to storage is easy and convenient over wide, paved driveways. Other amenities include a conference room supplied with complimentary snacks, fully supplied wash station, dump station and restrooms with showers. There’s also a luxury RV resort right next door.

Mars Mega Storage
101 Wellsona Rd,
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 467-3200