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Paso Robles boat storage company releases ‘Top services for selecting the best boat storage facility

-Owning a boat is a major investment and maintaining and keeping it in a good, safe condition is a major concern. “How and where a boat owner chooses to store it when it’s not on the water is an important decision,” says Mark Masden, co-owner of the Paso Robles boat storage facility, Mars Mega Storage.

The top services to consider when choosing a boat storage facility include:

  • Security and safety.
  • Ease of access.
  • A choice of storage spaces.
  • Wash and dump stations.

Reasonable rates and certain personal service amenities, such as online payment and clean restrooms earn extra points. The more conveniences the better the entire storage experience.

Security and safety

A secure, clean and safe facility is essential to protecting the boat, personal property, and the personal safety of the facility’s guests. Look for security features such as perimeter walls, security lighting, cameras, and coded gate access.

Safety features include fire and burglar alarms, fire hydrants, and a well-lighted facility with both exterior and interior lights that provide high visibility.

An on-site manager is another important feature for both security and safety. Emergencies can happen at any time and having someone on-site to provide assistance is important.

Ease of access

Boats and their trailers are relatively easy for the experienced driver to maneuver in all kinds of situations. But, the wider the access into and out of the storage unit, the easier it is to get the boat in and out. Make sure there’s enough room for two oncoming vehicles to pass if necessary and check that access supports straight-in and straight-out access.

Access also includes the ability to visit the facility at your convenience to pick up, or return the boat. Easy access to major roads and highways is a convenience that makes sure boaters are on the road to the next adventure as quickly as possible.

A choice of storage spaces

Not all storage facilities that accommodate boats are the same. Look for a facility that offers both covered storage and indoor storage in the variety of sizes necessary to accommodate different kinds of boats. Mars Mega Storage, the Paso Robles boat storage facility, offers both outdoor and indoor storage. Their outdoor covered storage ranges in dimensions from tall and wide covered units from 30-50 feet long to 18 feet high. Indoor units are 25-60 feet long with more than adequate height, width, and doorways.

In addition to clear access, storage that is long and wide enough helps protect boats from scrapes and dents. Even when choosing outdoor covered storage, there needs to be enough room around the boat for people to walk comfortably and to avoid accidental contact with boats in neighboring storage units.

Indoor storage is another option that many boat owners appreciate. Check the sizes of the indoor storage units. Make sure the indoor units have roll-up doors. Are there drive-through indoor storage units available?

Wash and dump stations

Onsite wash and dump stations are more than convenient. Pull in at the end of a long adventure on the water and clean up the boat right “at home.” No extending driving time to find a dump station or returning the next day to take the boat someplace to wash it.

A fully supplied onsite wash station makes it much easier to comply with California’s invasive mussel policies.

Rely on experience

Mars Mega Storage has been providing Central coast and Paso Robles storage for boats, RVs, residential, and commercial needs since 2005. The company offers storage units for every need and especially for keeping your boat dry and protected from weather, theft, complaining neighbors, and malicious mischief such as graffiti or worse.

Guests have choices of indoor or covered storage in various sizes and spacious, wide, and well-lighted driveways for easy hauling. Units with electricity. Fully supplied wash facilities. A dump station, air compressor, fully paved facility, exceptional guest amenities including bathrooms, a conference room, and complimentary refreshments, plus the ability to make online payments. For RV enthusiasts, Mars Mega Storage offers the same benefits for RV storage and, there’s a luxury RV resort right next door.

Top-ranked, state-of-the-art security includes an on-site manager, 17 ft high steel perimeter walls, 365/24 coded gate access, infrared cameras and laser beams, extensive security lighting, high visibility lighting, fire hydrants on site, and fire and burglar alarms in each unit, plus interior lights and 110v outlets in the indoor units.

Mars Mega Storage
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