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Paso Robles Blinds And Window Coverings Company Releases A Report About Energy Efficient Window Coverings

-Window coverings do more than add beauty to a home or business. “They are also energy efficient and that helps the budget,” said Dana Verreras of Frontier Floors and Window Coverings, the company that supplies window blinds for Paso Robles, CA.

According to the United States Department of Energy:

  • About 30-percent of heating energy is lost through windows
  • About 76-percent of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows becomes heat

Most window coverings are gong to result in some level of energy savings, but some are more efficient than others. Insulation is the key factor and there are a variety of types and styles of window shades, blinds and other coverings that provide the best insulation for the circumstances.

Because of modern day materials, well-insulated window coverings no longer need to be dark and heavy drapes or curtains that shut out the sunlight to keep a room cool, or to prevent people from seeing in.

Some of the top insulated window coverings include:

  • Cellular shades have honeycomb shaped cells that trap layers of insulating air within the pockets. The “top-down bottom-up” style is best for controlling the amount of sunlight shining into a room. These shades come in a wide range of colors and patterns for any décor and look wonderful with draperies. Almost any style of shade or window blind that is structured in layers, such as silhouettes or luminettes, provide enough insulation to make a difference in the monthly energy bill.
  • Shutters can be installed tightly to window frames and prevent the transfer of warm or cold air and can completely block or filter sunlight and the accompanying heat. The custom fitted louvered panels can be adjusted to allow just the right amount of light in to brighten or warm the room or keep just enough cold air from circulating off of the windows.
  • Solar shades create a barrier between the interior and the sun’s UV rays. Made from an opaque material that allows you to see out, solar shades come in many different transparencies, including a blackout option to keep rooms dark. Solar shades provide complete privacy during the day but people can see in when interior lights are on, so are best used where privacy at night is not an issue, or with closed drapes or blinds at night.
  • Roman shades are made of insulating material that makes them another energy efficient choice. These shades come in a many colors and designs and with the same “top-down, bottom-up” adjustments as cellular shades. Some also have the option to add thermal backing.
  • Draperies add an extra layer of insulation, as well as attractiveness to rooms. Layering draperies over shades or shutters adds texture and enhances a room’s color scheme as well as providing extra versatility for keeping seasonal temperatures at comfortable levels.

Additional features like remote controlled or smart, voice-activated blinds are options that can make blinds easily adjustable throughout the day. Tips from getting the most from window coverings and blinds, especially in Paso Robles summers, include opening blinds on the cooler side of the house in the morning to enjoy morning sun and adjusting blinds throughout the day to block or filter direct sunlight. Remote or voice-controlled blinds make adjusting blinds much easier.

Frontier Floors & Window Coverings has been serving the Paso Robles area since 1977 and are the local source for the perfect window treatments to fit into your décor and lifestyle. Services include free estimates, design and measurement assistance and installation. For energy conservation, Frontier Floors offers the latest innovations in shades, blinds and fabrics that provide comfort as well as save money.