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‘Let’s finance that vacation home,’ help from the Paso Robles mortgage consultant

-Who doesn’t want that special getaway spot, where the fish jump onto the hook or the quiet and you become one? Everyone has a unique idea of the perfect vacation home, but the result is that it is someplace to go to “get away from it all” and Marc Coons, the Paso Robles mortgage consultant, can help make the ideal vacation home a reality.

The top reasons we want a vacation getaway that is ours are:

  • Because…vacation?
  • Investment for the future
  • Retirement


World travel is rewarding and certainly educational, but sometimes, we just want to drive to a mountain cabin to ski or a little house on the lake and fish. Having a private getaway within driving distance is perfect for those long weekends when we just want to shut out the normal world.

Camping, hauling your horses to the vacation property for a week of trail riding, RV meetups with friends, family reunions, weddings, or just shutting out the world and listening to the waves, the birds, or the wind in the trees are a few of the many reasons people choose to invest in a vacation property.

Maybe soaking up the cultural scene in a city like San Francisco or Los Angeles fills your getaway needs. Regardless of the ideal getaway, there’s a vacation home for every dream. Kids, grandkids, and other family and friends always appreciate a place to go for some time away.

Investment for the future

Not every vacation homeowner owns the home that is their principal residence. Owning a first home is not a prerequisite for owning a vacation property. Sometimes the vacation property is a gateway to owning that dream home or to retirement.

Many people choose to forgo homeownership where they live and work in favor of buying a home elsewhere for the future. Until that future arrives, they may choose to rent the vacation property temporarily to help offset the payment and still have access to the property when they want.

They may choose to use the property for vacations with the intent of selling in the future or developing the property into a dream home.

There are several reasons that vacation homes are good investments. Real estate tends to appreciate over time and there may be tax benefits. Discuss any tax benefits with a tax accountant and rely on the Paso Robles mortgage consultant to get the loan.


Love a particular region? Buying property there with a long-term eye towards retirement is pretty much always a good economic decision. Real estate is pretty much going to appreciate.

Buying a vacation home in an area that seems like the perfect retirement destination has many benefits, including:

  • Spending vacations there to become fully acquainted with the area.
  • Getting to know neighbors, and the best places to shop and eat out.
  • Learning about the local medical facilities and health care.
  • Experiencing the weather in the different seasons.
  • Becoming familiar with local politics, if that’s something of interest.

Even, if after some time, the area isn’t as expected, the chances are the property has appreciated. Selling at a profit and retiring elsewhere is always an option.

In addition, if the mortgage is paid, or substantially paid down, on either, or both, the principal home and the vacation home, the equity is an asset for the retirement “nest egg.”

Getting the loan

Surprisingly, there are several loan options available for buying a vacation home, whether you own a primary home or not. The best way to get access to these options is by reaching out to Marc Coons, the Paso Robles mortgage consultant.

Marc Coons, a skilled professional, connects home buyers with lenders and makes the mortgage process run as smoothly as possible. Yes. A vacation home buyer can shop multiple lenders alone, but who has the time? For every lender approached, an application and financial report have to be submitted, credit reports run, and what seems like hundreds of questions answered. If the loan application is denied, it’s time to start all over again.

As an experienced mortgage consultant, Marc and his team have access to a vast number of lenders, are not limited by location, and can quickly identify lenders who are willing to deliver the best terms. The speedier the negotiations the sooner you are in your new home!

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