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‘How long does it take to remodel a kitchen?’ Answers from Paso Robles Central Pacific Construction

-“Not as long as you might think,” says Frank Cueva from Central Pacific Construction. “There’s no need to put off getting a fresh, new kitchen over worries about how long you have to live with the old one all torn apart.”

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. It’s where friends and family gather for breakfast, afternoon coffee and snacks, and where delicious, nourishing meals are prepared. For the family chef, the kitchen can even be a personal art studio for creating recipes and new, tasty dishes.

The role of the kitchen in family life makes it an even more important room to update to a roomier, more efficient space. A full remodel is going to take a long longer than some simpler work, such as replacing countertops and installing new appliances.

Some planning ahead of time can minimize the impact on family life, even for the most comprehensive kitchen remodel. But, many people still hesitate to remodel out of worries about how long they’ll need to live with a torn-up, unusable kitchen.

How long will it take?

The time it takes to remodel a kitchen depends on the extent of the work that needs to be done. Projects in larger spaces generally take longer simply because there is more wall and floor space that needs attention.

  • Complete kitchen remodel, meaning the old kitchen is taken out down to the bare walls and floors, and plumbing and electrical wiring is being redone, can take months. The bigger the kitchen the more time it’s going to take.
  • New cabinets and countertops can take weeks.
  • Just new appliances can take a week or more because existing cabinets and walls that are not being removed may still need to be altered to fit the new appliances.
  • New fixtures such as faucets, sinks, cabinet hardware, or lighting can take days to a week.
  • New countertops or new flooring can take days to a week.
  • A fresh coat of paint, or refinishing cabinets can take days to a week, or more.

Making a plan

A kitchen remodel can involve plumbing, electrical wiring, and gas lines. Plans need to be submitted for code compliance and permits. Certain phases of the project need to happen in a particular sequence and the plumbers and electricians need to be scheduled to complete their jobs before the next phase can take place.

Here are some tips from the Paso Robles kitchen remodeling team to help make the project run smoothly:

  • Shop for new appliances then have plans drawn up. The plans include the measurements for new appliances so that everything fits.
  • Select optional appliances just in case there is a delay in shipping the first choices. Backorders and shipping delays can delay the project.
  • Consult with the contractor as soon as possible to create a budget and project timeline. The contractor may also have recommendations that can save some money on the fixtures and appliances.
  • Submit the plans for building permits. This is something an experienced general contractor can do. An experienced contractor has working relationships with local building departments and can identify and correct problems with the plans before submitting them, and quickly resolve any unforeseen issues.
  • Plan normal family activities for the least possible interference with the construction team. The team works, basically, from 8-5 during the week. Consider rescheduling or relocating family activities that normally take place during those times.
  • Don’t leave pets unattended during construction work hours, even in the seemingly secure backyard. Construction workers need the freedom to move to and from various areas inside and outside the home. might mean going into the backyard to shut off electricity, water, or gas to the house. The team should not be responsible for the welfare of the family dogs or cats.
  • Determine the amount of time the kitchen will be out of use and plan meals accordingly. Think about alternative cooking and eating arrangements. Consider setting up an alternative space for a temporary kitchen.

Keep in mind that even the smallest remodeling project needs to be planned and scheduled. Deciding in October that new kitchen countertops would be nice to have for the holidays may not be enough time to have them ready for Thanksgiving. A quick call to your contractor can help with realistic scheduling.

Rely on experience

Central Pacific Construction has been serving kitchen remodeling for Paso Robles and the entire Central Coast since 1997. The company has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects of all types for satisfied clients.

Central Pacific Construction takes pride in providing the highest levels of service and workmanship and in taking on new challenges. Locally owned and operated, the team has a reputation for excellent service, meticulous attention to detail, a superior work ethic, and bold, stylish designs.

Central Pacific Construction is Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating.

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