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Atascadero insurance agent releases ‘Advantages of working with one insurance agent’

-It’s almost impossible to get by without insurance because some, like auto insurance, is required and other types of insurance may not be required by law but are wise to have. The advantages of working with one insurance agent for all insurance needs is also wise and Atascadero State Farm Insurance Agent John Donovan recently released the top reasons for doing so.

Those reasons include:

  • Quality of service: A single insurance agent, or agency, knows which types of insurance are going to provide the most benefit. Clients become more than just an insurance policy when one agent is handling all insurance needs. All the important personal, family and business information is managed in one office, including plans for retirement. When a life change requires a change in insurance coverage, all insurance policies are evaluated and changed accordingly. Something as seemingly simple as buying or selling a home or a kid going off to college can change liability needs and involve vehicle, business liability and life insurance. It’s much simpler to call or email one agent when you get a promotion, take in a new business partner or buy a new home and not have to remember who to call about changes to other insurance policies.
  • Saving money and time: Keeping insurance policies in one place saves time and money. State Farm Insurance, for example, offers significant savings to their customers who carry multiline policies, such as homeowners or renters and auto and life insurance. In addition, other savings can apply such as safe driving opportunities and multiple vehicles. One agent, dedicated to providing the best service, will make recommendations for the most savings available for individual circumstances. Multiple policies with one insurance company, also known as “bundling,” is an easy way to simplify life. Because policies are bundled, there’s only one payment to cover all polices. The Atascadero insurance agent encourages customers to make payments online or using the State Farm mobile app. Logging in to your account means you and your agent can review all policies at the same time in one phone conversation and make any necessary changes.
  • Peace of mind comes from knowing there is one insurance agent to rely on when there are questions, when one or more policy needs review or changes. One agent has a thorough understanding of the the relationship between personal and business policies and can provide critical guidance to minimize risk to individuals, families and businesses.

Thinking of an insurance agent as an advisor and advocate is extremely helpful in today’s fast moving legal environments. There are so many insurance terms, legal clauses and coverage limits and requirements that it’s an almost daily challenge to stay informed. Knowledgeable and experienced insurance agents such as Atascadero’s John Donovan agency handle all of the complex, confusing aspects of insurance while providing insight and advice when necessary.

The John Donovan State Farm Insurance Agency has been serving Atascadero and the Central Coast since 2007. A local business staffed with local residents, the company and staff provide full-service insurance policies that are tailored to the unique needs of individuals, families and businesses. The staff is involved in a number of community activities that enrich local services.

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