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Atascadero Heater Repair Company Releases The Top Ways To Know When It’s Time To Replace The Old HVAC

When the old HVAC has been making loud noises for a while and seems to be running longer than normal, it may be time to replace it. Arne Johansen, co-owner at Air Rite, the Atascadero heater and air conditioning repair company, said, “These two signs are only part of indications it’s time to replace the old HVAC system.”

Johansen and his team have published the top signs that indicate it might be time to consider a new HVAC. The cost of a new system might cause homeowners and commercial property owners to postpone the expense for a few years. But, in the long run, the costs of repairs, higher energy bills, and other expenses are going to add up. A new system is going to offset those additional costs.

Any of the following signs indicate it’s time for a newer, technologically advanced model.

  • Increased running time: An older system needs to run longer to reach the desired temperature, and it might be starting more often; either problem can be caused by bad coils or a failing blower motor. If these parts are fine then it’s a sign the old HVAC is ready to retire.
  • An HVAC system normally gets a little louder with age but the telltale signs that it’s time for a new one include: a loud humming from the blower, the outside unit is making noise, the furnace makes groaning and banging sounds, and there is a noise before the air conditioning starts. Loose or worn parts can cause some of these noises. If an inspection doesn’t identify a part that can be repaired or replaced, it’s time for a new HVAC.
  • The frequency of repairs is another indicator. Replacing one part is no guarantee that other parts won’t fail. Some parts might require that others be replaced at the same time so that all of the parts work well. Weigh the cost of frequent repairs against the cost of a new system.
  • An older system: When HVAC systems get to between 15 and 20 years old, it’s time to consider a new system. New systems are usually more energy-efficient and new technologies that include digitized and programmable thermostats are more efficient to operate.

Regular maintenance and inspections can help to extend the life of any HVAC system, but the time does come when “old faithful” is just worn out. One advantage of regular inspections is that the technician can give you some options ahead of time. Unless there is an emergency failure requiring immediate replacement, some advance notice gives you time to do some budget planning for a new system.

The initial cost of a new system might seem like a lot, but when weighing the long-term cost of frequent repairs on a system that is failing against a new, advanced system that is going to provide years of performance it becomes apparent that a new system is an investment.

There is a wide range of choices for both residential and commercial HVAC. Seek the assistance of an experienced technical team that can help you determine the quality of air you need for home or business, the efficiency and power usage of the system, and the best comfort levels.

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