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Atascadero auto insurance agent offers insurance options for bicycle riders

-Atascadero State Farm Insurance Agent, John Donovan, recently announced insurance solutions to help cyclists be safe and protected. “Mobility insurance is consideration for cyclists,” said Donovan. “Mobility insurance from State Farm Insurance covers the insured as a pedestrian, passenger, or driver of a vehicle you don’t own, and when riding a bike.”

In December 2020 reported that the total number of bicycle riders in the United States has grown to more than 47 million and over 39 million are sharing paved roads with motor vehicles. As cycling gains in popularity, the need for safety programs and insurance rises. People’s reasons for riding a bicycle range from children just having fun, to recreational riders, competitive athletes and those whose primary mode of transportation is their bicycle. Regardless of an individual’s reasons, riding a bicycle is healthy exercise and contributes to reducing carbon footprints. More and more cities and counties across the nation are installing dedicated bicycle paths and implementing bicycle safety programs for all ages. Unfortunately, the more cyclists on the streets, roads, and back-country trails, the greater the risk for someone being injured.

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance probably covers a stolen bike. If a cyclist is struck by a vehicle the injuries and property loss are most likely covered by the driver’s auto insurance. Atascadero’s John Donovan, said mobility insurance is an additional solution for incidents involving cyclist to cyclist, or cyclist to pedestrian accidents.

Accidents happen, even when riding a bicycle under the safest conditions. Someone can step into an intersection right in front of an oncoming cyclist, causing injuries to both parties. A cyclist riding in a group can unexpectedly fall and other cyclists are injured. A lone cyclist, out for a pleasurable weekend ride can accidentally hit a rough spot in the road and be injured in the fall. Personal medical insurance might cover the personal injuries depending on the deductible, but what about the liability of injuring another person? Will homeowner’s or renter’s insurance cover an accident that doesn’t happen on the insured property?

California residents can be covered for ridesharing, carsharing, bike sharing, car rentals and public transportation. Mobility insurance can be particularly valuable for those who don’t own a vehicle and use other forms of transportation, including walking to and from work and errands. Mobility insurance costs less than additional car rental coverage. Even more savings are available when the policy is combined with an existing State Farm homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

State Farm takes bicycle safety seriously, offering programs and safety tips to help cyclists of all ages. Donovan encourages everyone to check out the report, “A Right to the Road: Understanding & Addressing Bicyclist Safety.” This report, published by the Governors Highway Safety Council was made possible by a grant from State Farm Insurance.

The John Donovan State Farm Insurance Agency is a local Atascadero business, providing auto insurance, homeowner and renter insurance and a full range of State Farm insurance and services. The agents are pledged to work closely with clients to ensure the highest levels of service. John Donovan’s State Farm Insurance offices are located at 8420 El Camino Real Suite A in Atascadero, phone is (805) 466-7744.