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Atascadero air conditioning repair company announces the benefits of smart HVAC

-Growing public interest in energy-efficient technologies is one reason smart HVAC systems are gaining popularity. Two more reasons are economic savings and convenience. Air Rite, Atascadero’s air conditioning repair company, reports the leading benefits for upgrading to smart HVAC systems for homes or businesses.

Heating or cooling a home or business consumes electricity that comes from energy sources that cause carbon emissions. Although more and more public utilities are generating electricity from non-carbon emission sources, such as solar, hydro or wind power, a significant portion of electricity still comes from natural gas or coal-fired plants. Smart HVAC systems are one way to help reduce carbon emissions and reduce electricity expenses. Not only do these state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems bring a new level of economy and convenience to home and work, they can actually increase property values.

Good for the budget

Home and business owners are always keeping an eye on the budget and smart heating and cooling systems make sure that the heat or air conditioning only runs when needed at the levels needed. According to a report from the United States Department of Energy, heating and cooling uses around 48-percent of the residential monthly power bill.

Quite a bit of the energy used to heat or cool buildings is wasted due to inefficiencies in the systems such as clogged air filters, leaking air or dirty ducts. Another energy waste comes from the need to return to a warm or cool home or office. Leaving the thermostat set at a comfortable temperature means that energy is actually wasted when no one is home or at work.

Smart HVAC systems that can be controlled remotely put an end to wasted energy. It’s so much easier to set the thermostat more conservative temperatures, or even turned off, and then adjust the temperature to a comfortable level when you are on your way in. Most smart systems can be controlled from a cell phone.

A newer system for heating and air conditioning requires fewer repairs, which is also easy on the budget.

Temperature comfort

No one wants to walk into a hot sweltering home or office in the middle of summer, or into a freezing building when there’s frost on the pumpkins. No one want to leave the AC or heat running for hours when they are out, either. It might be more pleasant to come home to, but the bill at the end of the month erases that pleasure very quickly.

The ability to turn heating and cooling systems on and off as well as set temperatures remotely guarantees comfort and is good for the budget. Further, smart HVAC systems that allow occupants to control temperatures in individual rooms meets both comfort and economical needs. Why keep the empty guest room at the same temperature as the rest of the house when there’s no one in there? Why keep the living room comfortable after everyone has gone to bed? Those individual room temperature adjustments make a huge difference in the budget.

Health and air quality

Smart systems with features for controlling humidity and air quality can help people with allergies and other respiratory conditions or illnesses. State of the art heating and cooling systems use the most recent filter technologies that help keep air fresh and free of allergens and irritants. The right levels of humidity provide healthy levels of moisture for the nose and lungs.

Increased property value

Energy efficiency and the environment have become part of the national awareness. USA Today reports that energy-efficient features in a home can add as much as $5,000 to the value. In a recent press release the National Association of Realtors announced that, in a 2019 survey, 59-percent of real estate brokers reported their clients were interested in energy efficiency and green sustainable homes.

Buyers want the latest energy-efficient systems but prefer to not have to install them. Buyers are more attracted to homes with smart heating and cooling, as well as other energy efficient features.

Get expert advice

Experience matters when you need an HVAC contractor for your project. The Atascadero air conditioning repair experts at Air-Rite have been in business since 1983, and have provided quality service for San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Barbara counties. The company is pledged to performing quality work at an honest and fair price.