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Atascadero Air Conditioning Repair Company Announces Best Practices for Staying Cool

-The Center for Disease Control reports that thousands of people go to emergency rooms from heat exposure and hundreds die every year. Heat exposure is preventable and Atascadero’s air conditioning repair company, Air Rite, recently published a report to help people stay cool.

One of the top ways to cool off is to have a place to get out of the heat. Air-conditioned (AC) homes, businesses and public buildings are refuges from summer heat. Setting the thermostat to 78 degrees when at home or in the office creates a comfortable environment.

Other ways include:

  • Adjusting the thermostat
  • Monitoring humidity
  • Maintaining the AC system
  • Practice extra cooling methods
  • Stay hydrated and maximize comfort for the elderly, children and pets

Adjusting the thermostat

Turning the thermostat up 10 degrees, to 88F, when out can maintain comfort while saving as much as 10-percent on the bill.

Night is another time to adjust the thermostat. A study by the National Institute of Health indicates that the best sleep happens when environmental temperatures are at 86 degrees for those who sleep uncovered or 60 to 66 degrees covered.

Monitoring humidity

Humidity makes us feel hotter. Sweating helps maintain the body’s temperature by evaporating and cooling the skin. Moisture in the air makes it more difficult for sweat to evaporate. Humidity varies considerably between Central Coast inland and seaside communities. There are times when the humidity on the coast may reach over 50-percent, which is the top of the range for comfort. Most modern day air conditioners regulate humidity through the evaporator coil that condenses water vapor from the air.

Maintaining the AC system

Extra cooling methods

Keeping warm air out helps. Simply replacing weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows helps keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter.

Other methods include:

  • Use window treatments that prevent the sunlight from warming rooms
  • Limit the use of the oven and the stove
  • Ceiling fans can increase cooling efficiency
  • Use a programmable thermostat to set different temperatures for different times of day. Smart thermostats are controlled remotely from a smartphone or tablet.

Stay hydrated and be mindful of those at high risk

Those at highest risk include people 65 and older, anyone with chronic disease, children, pets, and anyone who may not be able to make safe decisions for themselves. Make sure those at risk are:

  • Cool and comfortable
  • Drinking enough water
  • Don’t feeling dizzy, ill, lethargic or displaying unusual behavior

Avoid overheating by:

  • Limiting sports activities to the cooler times of day
  • Drink enough water
  • Check the weather reports
  • Don’t leave children and pets in the car, even in the shade
  • Check on friends and neighbors, especially those at risk

The local experts

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