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Ant’s Tractor Mowing announces new website by Access Publishing

-The Paso Robles weed abatement company, Ant’s Tractor Mowing, recently announced it’s new website, designed and hosted by Access Publishing. Serving the California Central Coast, Ant’s Tractor Mowing has been protecting their customers’ property and homes since 2004.

Family owned and operated, Ant’s Tractor Mowing is a complete weed abatement service that takes care of weeds, unwanted shrubbery, overgrowth and fire hazards with:

  • Weed eater services that are effective for spaces that are too small for a tractor, where there is landscaping to preserve or where more detailed weed abatement is needed, such as along fence lines. Other terms for weed eating include weed whacking, string or line trimming, edge trimming or whipper snipping,
  • Mowing, accomplished with a tractor and a flail mower is a cost-effective and efficient method for removing and controlling weeds and shrubs on acreage, large lots, pastures, and other open spaces.
  • Creating defensible space, defined in zones, that fire authorities advise is necessary to protect structures, property and lives in the event of a wildfire.

Along with creating fire-safe defensible space, the highly trained and equipped Paso Robles weed abatement team takes care of a wide range of issues with weeds and overgrowth including:

  • Managing the height of grass in horse pastures
  • Invasive and toxic weed management
  • Clearing land for building or crops
  • Keeping weeds and overgrowth under control on fallow land
  • Keep lots and land for sale clear of weeds and overgrowth

The company serves California’s Central Coast, offering competitive pricing for great service the values their customers and online estimates are available. Ant’s Tractor Mowing pledge to its customers is, “We will work to exceed any and all expectations and will always be available to work through any issues that arise.”

The company carries general liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 and automobile insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and Workers Compensation Insurance. The crew vehicles have fire extinguishers and other essential tools on board and each tractor carries a 2.5-gallon water extinguisher and a fire extinguisher.

Using the highest-grade equipment the Paso Robles weed abatement team gets the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Tractor towed flail mower because dry and flammable plant material can be mowed to a safe height quickly and thoroughly, extending the reduced fuel zone a distance beyond the recommended 100-feet for Zone 2. A flail mower reduces the risk of damage from flying debris. In many circumstances flail mowing is more efficient and practical than other methods such as riding mowers or livestock grazing and avoids many of the common issues of inaccessible slopes and hills and destroying root systems leading to erosion.
  • The 336FR Brushcutter is powerfully ruthless on weeds in smaller spaces. The 33.6 cc X-Torq® engines uses less fuel, emits less exhaust and is easy on the environment.
  • Personal protection gear (PPE) that includes the heavy-duty harness to help support the brushcutter and relieve strain on the operator’s body. Other PPE includes high-quality respirators, protective eyewear and shields, protective headgear, hearing protection, chaps to protect against debris and protective gloves.

“When it’s too tall, give us a call,” is the company motto. Owner Anthony Elisarraras, born and raised on the Central Coast, acquired the company from his father, who started it with a recycled Caltrans mower in 2004. Since taking over the company, Anthony implemented the PPE; updates equipment annually and regularly updates safety and abatement procedures to meet Cal Fire guidelines. “We have brought the highly necessary and needed task into the modern day with the latest, modern equipment and methods,” said Elisarraras.

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